Sunday, February 17, 2008

Pops, Boston

Jaunts? Jaunts? You must be kidding. I'm over here in America dodging snow-scrapers and monster trucks, eating trans-fat for breakfast and people accuse me of having a jaunt? Then start moaning about the declining quality of Breakfast Blog content? Ex-squeeze me for a second while I purchase an automatic weapon and go postal. About the nearest thing I've had to a jaunt in the past 6 weeks was this brunch in the South End, at Pops, 560 Tremont Street, Boston, MA, Tel +1 (617) 695-1250.

pops salmon scrambles

For those stupid enough not to figure it out, I am working my fanny* off over here, and there may, accordingly, be some temporary interruptions to the usual schedule of Breakfast Blog transmissions. Sue me.

If you happen to get lucky with your own Boston boondoggle, one place you should not miss is Pops, where the salmon with soft scrambles is exceptionally good: delicate eggs, fresh salmon, crunchy shards of potato galette, and a delicious drizzle of Dijonaise caper sauce.

Another great dish is the "Deconstructed Red Flannel Hash and Eggs", which turned out to be a pile of finely-diced home-fries alongside a pile of finely-diced (and fried) corned beef, topped with a couple of perfectly-poached eggs. And just to be a pig, I had a side of griddled banana bread.

I won't attempt to cover the whole menu, but I will point out a few other highlights: omelettes with goat cheese and sage, or mushroom and truffle oil; French toast Monte Cristo, with ham, turkey, swiss cheese and strawberry jam; and chicken fried steak, served with eggs, gravy and roast potatoes.

Service is very good, venue is slick, and best of all, everything is quite affordable, at between $10 and $12 (the chicken fried steak is $15).

17/20 "popstar"

*Note to Australian readers, "fanny" means "bum" in America.

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Blogger Anna said...

Mmmm...delicious. This site makes so hungry. I love breakfast. I could eat breakfast food all day long.

19/2/08 18:42  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Looks almost as good as the breakfasts at Ogdens in Perth, Western Australia!

21/2/08 21:27  
Blogger Sand Walk said...

Sorry Jamie but this site has lost its zip.....happy for you with your jaunts/work etc. ...but the magic has gone.

21/2/08 23:41  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Have to agree with jdunlea above... I keep returning to this page but the content has fallen away badly.

Brink back breakfast!

22/2/08 13:11  
Blogger Sand Walk said...

Wow!....must have got you before your first coffee. Didn't mean to offend. I was merely expressing my disappointment at not being able to get the full "BB" fix, as often as previous times. Also did not mean to offend with the "jaunts/work" line, not suggesting you are a slacker, I am actually envious that your life and work (did understand it was work) takes you to such places...I appreciate the breakfast reporting from foreign lands....can't ever see myself getting eggs at the Harvard or Yale clubs, so I like the inside view.

Problem is Jamie you have set such a standard with your blog that many of us really do look forward to it. I own and cook in a restaurant and came across your site from the Gourmet Traveller story on food blogs. More than an interesting read, I also use your site as a resource and guide as well as a constant reminder of the needs and expectations of the discerning customer....But you set the standard, and like any customer wanting good eggs and coffee, I just want the same as I had last week etc. etc....long story short,big fan and advocate of your blog and miss it when we can't get the full fix. Enough butt-kissing, have to go and cook. cya.

24/2/08 09:29  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I don't own or work in a restaurant like jdunlea but I agree with the sentiments. Good luck with work but keep the breakfast posts coming!

24/2/08 11:28  
Blogger Jamie Wodetzki said...

Butt-kissing is much appreciated right now, since I just slipped on some ice and landed very hard on my butt. It hurts.

And now I'm curious... which restaurant? Do you do breakfast? Have I reviewed it? The suspense is killing me...

24/2/08 14:15  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Jamie, I think your blog is great.

Jealousy is a terribly thing... green doesn't suit many people.

24/2/08 23:41  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Jamie, I think your blog is great.

Jealousy is a terrible thing... green doesn't suit many people.

24/2/08 23:45  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I love your blog! It's the one thing I consult before trying breakfast anywhere new, and I know a few other people who do exactly the same thing. Thankyou for bothering, JW
Cheers, Lou

28/2/08 10:57  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

help send an american girl to las vegas! give me a 5 cheezburger rating! thanks!! - betsy

29/2/08 04:39  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Bit of a break in replying there, sorry about that......duty called etc. My restaurant is in Queensland on the Gold Coast....but please don't hold that against me, white-shoe reputations and dodgy politicians aside (we are not Robinson Crusoe in this regard anymore) it is a lovely place up here. Venue is called Big Fish Seafood Cafe. Palm Beach at the southern end of Gold Coast far away from the Schoolies, Surfers Paradise T-shirt shops and tourist traps

We do breakfast, well brunch anyway, as we are primarily a lunch and dinner name suggests predominantly seafood, modern, fresh, sustainable NZ and Aust produce, etc. In the past the coast has been a bit challenged as far as dining goes, even decent coffee is a pretty recent thing....but with all those Victorians and N.S Welshmen moving up here to stay, things are changing fast. Cheap flights also helped big time as hordes of Queenslanders returning from a weekend in Melb. questioned how come coffee down there was so much better than up here?

Much of our (Big Fish) ideas for food come from Syd. Perth, NZ and of course Melbourne. Which is why I like your site so much as a resource...when I can get to Melbourne which is as often as I can, I like to check out the latest in brekkies, I also like the links you provide to restaurant websites, news articles and so on, very helpful. I pass on to the staff your reviews of service (both good and bad) just to give them an idea that people really do care for much more than just what's on the plate....seems to help. So if you get up this way it is my shout.

As to our breakfast, I have borrowed unashamedly from Bill's as far as the scrambled goes...sincerest form of flattery etc. etc.....and just plain good scrambled as opposed to the milky belted up mash so many serve. Our big breakfast is a winner, if you can eat that much, bacon, eggs, mushroom, oven roasted tomato, sourdough toast, handcut chips(english influence), sweet potato crisps, eggs (always pan fried and slow cooked in butter and oil, no eggs on the grill here, and we top it off with a grilled prawn to keep up the seafood theme...the prawn I am pretty sure you might object to but not too many come back on the plate. My smoked salmon scrambled might be of interest, layers of salmon spread with cream cheese and then wrapped around a filling of scrambled eggs, and popped in the grill, until cheese softens, served on turkish toast with tomato and avocado good with caper mayonnaise or hollandaise as the usual fare of savoury mince, avocado salsa w' sourdough, and the various bacon and eggs, generous omelettes, ham and eggs, benedict etc. etc. everything made to order no pre-cooked or factory made which includes sauces and so on....sometimes means a little longer wait on busy days. We use Piazza d'Oro coffee which we have tweaked to be a very robust blend, we would be one of the few fish cafes where people make the effort to come just for the coffee

That little essay aside we don't open until 10am and while we will serve breakfast all day if requested (yes even at night) we don't promote promote as a breakky venue, mainly there for those late risers and hungover types, looking for traditional cure.

Anyway that is where I am at, so if work or pleasure brings you to this end of Oz drop in, and review away. Actually probably about time for a couple of Queensland reviews, there really are a lot of good breakfasts up here now.


PS I wrote so much just because I thought it was about time somebody added to the site..Ha! just kidding!...Not trying to raise ire again, look forward to when you are back and reviewing. Respect the fact that you, regularly and selflessly risk your arteries purely to enlighten us.

10/3/08 12:16  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Call the cops...send out the dogs...something must have happened to jamie, maybe he fell off his horse or tripped and hurt his ankle? fell down a well?..I believe that happens a lot in the U.S....maybe it was an angry postman or a mall-shooting...whatever it is we have to get him back...come on guys!!! are you with me?

23/3/08 22:56  
Blogger Lauren said...

"Ex-squeeze me for a second while I purchase an automatic weapon and go postal."

Tee hee hee.....that part made me giggle.
I am not sure why, but checking out what you are eating for breakfast is addictive.

18/4/08 19:11  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

5/10/08 11:30  

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