Sunday, September 09, 2007

Kooroora Kitchen, Mt Buller

Assuming you don't get run over by a sugar-mommy in a Porsche Cayenne on the way there, they serve a half-decent breakfast at The Kooroora Kitchen, Village Square, Mt Buller, Tel +61 3 5777 6712. Which is quite a surprise really, since most snow-food is about half as good and twice as expensive as what you get back in the big smoke.

eggs kooroora

It wasn't the best breakfast I've had, but the scrambles were nice and creamy, the bacon and mushrooms were good, and toast and beans were fine. The disappointment was the coffee, which was OK, but only just.

Other food options are limited (pancakes, croissants, toast and porridge); the venue is relaxed and basic (it's a grungy bar by night); and the service is fine (except that you need to place your order at the counter).

You won't find too many sugar-mommies inside the Kooroora. It's more of a shredder kind of place, where you go to sink piss and brag about how you rode fakie into a backside 360 before sticking a cab 540 under the Grimus triple chair. Or something like that.

12/20 "snow job"


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

We went for a skiing holiday at Mt Hotham and the same deal - average food at crazy high prices.
We went for lunch at one of the main cafe's called AJ's and the girl put all the coffees and food in front of one person and left it to us to sort out who gets what!

10/9/07 19:16  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The thing that bothered me about this place for breakfast is that I had to place my order for food & hot drinks at one place and my order for cold drinks (ie. orange juice) at another place - the kitchen and the bar couldnt coordinate my breakfast order!

11/9/07 13:40  
Blogger The Rainmaker said...

Yummy. I've never heard of this.

11/9/07 14:38  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I worked the past season at Mt Buller from mid may to end of September, and frequented the Kitchen for breakky on a number of times, food there was always top quality with servings not seen anywhere else on the mountain. As for the coffee im surprised by comment, i was entitled to recieve $2 coffee's at a number of the other restaurants on the mountain for being staff but always chose to pay the extra amount and get it from Kooroora Kitchen because it was guaranteed to be a good brew.

In response to the person complaining about hot drinks at one place and cold at another is that the bar runs completly seperatly to the kitchen, the kitchen leases the space it's just a little harder to distinguish as they are under the one roof.

Ben, Tam and the rest of the crew there do fine job.

28/9/07 04:42  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think that tea is much better for breakfast, you may check this tea information.

26/1/08 08:34  
Blogger Andy said...

The Kooroora bar manager turned off the Cats V Hawks match on Friday night to put on a DJ, much to the amazement and protest of the 60-70 people tuned in to the top of the table clash. No amount of logic could sway this young lady as no one was interested in a DJ at 10pm, especially when most of the clientele were there for the footy. To quote her, "if you don't like it, you can leave". We did, and we won't spend another cent in that establishment.

29/7/08 11:00  

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