Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Sydney's Sausages are Nasty

At least that's what Grant Kells reckons. So nasty that he had to get one custom made by the local butcher. Whatever it takes to win the race for Sydney's best breakfast. Because in case you hadn't heard, breakfast is the new black. To find out who else is in the race, and how the Sydney Morning Herald rates them, check out Keith Austin's story for Good Living.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sydney's bangers are bad - whether at breakfast or buying for home.

While recognising the value in paying a little more to get more than just sawdust and offal, it's not uncommon to be forking out $15+ for anything from the merguez to 'spicy Italian'. Or a ridiculous $18+ price tag noted yesterday in the eastern suburbs for chicken and roquette sausages.

Now, that's sausages done, don't get me started on the quality of fresh fruit and veg in Sydney compared with Melbourne. In two years here, I've only once found baby cos lettuce with a heart!

2/9/07 16:02  

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