Sunday, August 05, 2007

Fat Little Fritters at Small Block

I think Small Block deserves an upgrade to at least 16/20, with full marks (3/3) for the "other" stuff, ie, things other than eggs. These were some fine corn fritters, with a tasty side of creme fraiche and some kind of chili relish. Good bacon, too.


The Small Block menu also deserves special mention for variety. Oodles of choice, and plenty of creative twists.

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Blogger Deborah Dowd said...

That looks delicious and I haven't had breakfast yet!

5/8/07 21:41  
Blogger Johanna GGG said...

those look good - sat watching small block from the window at Rumi last Saturday morn wondering about whether it was worth visiting - can't remember my last visit which was some time ago - but now I am keen - if only there were enough seats to go around!

9/8/07 13:25  
Blogger Mostly Water - By Shelly D. said...

mmm.. looks tasty.. I miss bacon..

19/8/07 02:39  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

fritters look great, though the taste was bland. Bit of a dissapointment as this place normally serves up great brekkies. If you want great fritters with a twist, you really need to visit Enni in Thornbury. Came across this place by accident and is the best thing ever! Try!

28/8/07 10:09  

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