Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Novotel Century, Hong Kong

No, I didn't choke on a kipper. I have been travelling. For a month. With no time for blogging, but plenty of time for eating. Including about a week's worth of hotel omelettes at the Novotel Century in Wan Chai, where the omelette man custom-builds your omelette right there in front of you. A much better option than the scrambled eggs that have been stewing under the salamander for however long. Not perfect omelettes... slightly overcooked and a bit too oiled-up, but quite acceptable. I had mine with ham, cheese and onion.


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Blogger Walter said...

Apart from the breakfast provided by your hotel, Novotel Century Hong Kong, you will many choices of breakfast in Wan Chai district.

If you visit Hong Kong again, I suggest you should go to "YUM CHA" at Chinese Restaurant. This is most common breakfast and lunch of Hong Kong's Chinese.

Moreover, I suggest you to try local style (Western & Chinese style mixed) breakfast at "Tea Restaurant" which most of Hong Kong people call it "Cha Chaan Teng" to have local style breakfast.

"YUM CHA" and "Tea Restaurant" are the most common breakfast of Hong Kongers.

You might not like their food but it's worth to try as both places are unique and you can't find the same kind/style of food in elsewhere.

18/5/07 14:14  
Blogger Brandon said...

Finally you're back! Had been dying for more breakfast reviews! Please do more! :)

20/5/07 20:52  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You ate for one long month! You might have been fatty by then. What other food did you have?

3/2/09 23:41  
Anonymous Spencer said...

I stayed at the Novotel Century in Hong Kong a couple of months back and absolutely loved the food there. It was awesome!

18/11/13 23:03  
Anonymous Kenosha BBQ Repair said...

This was lovely to reead

10/8/22 15:00  

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