Monday, April 30, 2007

Boulangerie Artisanale Pain d'Epis, Paris

If you like your pain au raisins loaded with fruit, then the Boulangerie Artisanale Pain d'Epis is the place to go, 63 Avenue Bosquet, 75007 Paris, Tel +33 1 45 51 75 01. Personally, I prefer a light spinkling of sultanas in my pain au raisins, so this was a bit too fruity for me. But I know plenty of people who like it fruity, so I'm sure this would appeal to them. The croissant was superb. Light and slightly flaky on the outside, and very soft and buttery in the middle. I tend to eat my croissants as they come (without any additional butter or jam), so the more built-in butter, the better.

croissant et pain au raisins

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Mmmmm buttery goodness....

27/5/07 17:34  
Blogger Alicia said...

Ohhh, really good! We went to paris last year and our hotel was near to Pain dĀ“Epis.
I really liked the bread with olives, and the one with poppy seeds.
Furthermore, quite near, there was a place where they sold cheese (Cantin) and that was great, I still remeber that bread with the cheese and I just want to taste it again!

nice blog, see you

25/1/09 20:19  
Anonymous Viagra Pharmacy said...

For my any breakfast should include an egg.

20/7/11 03:02  

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