Sunday, April 29, 2007

Croissants, Rue Cler

The boulangerie diagonally opposite Le Cafe Du Marche in the middle of Rue Cler does a nice buttery croissant, which was equal to anything I had in Paris. Does anyone know how much butter and fat there is in an average croissant? If so, please don't tell me.


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Blogger Karla said...

Where these as to die for as they look???

23/5/07 08:50  
Anonymous Jwo2 said...

Ahhh tres bien, beaucoup de buerre c'est necessesaire pour preparer les croissant tres specialement ... But Jamie zat is what makes zem so delicieux!

Just like the flaky pastry on Chinese custard tarts, there is proportionally more leavening (butter/fat) in the creation of a croissant than any other ingredient. That's why we love them so much. Indulge and take a morning trot around the shops to burn it off. ENJOY!!

27/5/07 01:48  
Anonymous Sandy LaFuze said...

Do you have any idea of the name of the bakery? I would get breakfast there every morning and it was unbelievably fantastic!

15/9/08 19:27  
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Blogger soma taha said...

I like it when people come together and share ideas.

17/2/17 23:29  
Blogger Mie Helal said...

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17/4/17 19:10  
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