Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Magic Mushrooms

If I had a drug of choice, it would be magic mushrooms

They weren't magic, but they were magnificent. Delicious, soft, creamy mushrooms on crunchy sourdough toast. My breakfast of choice this morning at Walter's Wine Bar. Strongly recommended. And if, like Sienna, you love a cigarette with your mushrooms, you can grab a spot on the balcony and puff away: "I think the more positive approach you have to smoking, the less harmful it is." What a role model...

magic mushrooms

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Blogger Unknown said...

Looks tasty. Can you feature any asian breakfast soon? I am Asian and it would be nice to know what other Asians eat abroad. I mean, do they still eat rice for breakfast? I still do sometimes until I discovered Atkins. Cheers!

30/3/07 23:49  
Blogger olivia said...

Hi! love your website! :) I tried breakfast at las chicas today and the hollandaise sauce was to die for, coffee was excellent and the egg was runny enough for my liking.

looking forward to more breakfast in melbourne review!

31/3/07 20:13  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I love magic mushrooms!!

... nice blog


4/4/07 14:03  
Blogger Smith said...

I love food! But that looks nasty.

Chicken Recipes

5/4/07 18:50  
Blogger Squishy said...

Yum how good do those mushies look.

7/4/07 23:16  
Blogger allthewine said...

I really like your blog. I'm very hungry at this point. Your idea of breakfast is what i've always envisioned it to be.

9/4/07 01:56  
Blogger Lady of Musotopia said...

Hello there! You've got a really tasteful blog here, hehe (yes, that pun was intended).
As a mushroom fan, I have to say that breakfast looks extremely delectable! :)

12/4/07 23:28  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Nothing quite like them and the experience is wonderful with a relaxed easy frame of mind. Glad you enjoyed them.

15/11/08 02:31  
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Blogger Isabell Kiral said...

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