Sunday, February 18, 2007

Southbeach Cafe, Mt Martha

If you happen to be in Mount Martha around breakfast time then you should definitely try the Eggs Benedict at Southbeach Cafe, 464 The Esplanade, Mt Martha, Tel +61 3 5974 4443. It may not be on the South Beach Diet, but it's a highlight of the Southbeach menu.


I was in need of good hangover food this morning, having consumed way too much Mateus Rose (not to mention vol-au-vents) at a 70's dinner party the night before. Luckily, Southbeach came through with the goods. The benedict was very good (especially the poached eggs and hollandaise), and the big fry-up looked very satisfying too (even if the scrambles weren't especially creamy). Good coffee and fresh juices too.

Speaking of the 70's, it would seem that some 70's habits die hard, with rumours of banned body-building substances popping up in Silvester Stallone's luggage when he arrived in Sydney this weekend. Sly is here to promote Rocky VI, which is apparently all about "a washed-up has-been Balboa running a restaurant and reliving old glories 30 years after his prime." Now there's a restaurant I'd like to visit for breakfast. I bet the raw egg shake would be delicious.

14/20 "seaside benny"


Eggs & Bacon $9.50 BB100 -5%

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Blogger Deborah Dowd said...

Mateus Rose... now there's a blast from the past. I remember as a newlywed, that Mateus was our "special occasion" wine (meaning we could afford it on our newlywed, basement appartment budget!)

18/2/07 22:57  
Blogger C. said...

Mateus Rosé... LOL. Good ol' Portuguese hang-over you got, then ;)

Drink something else... Portuguese wine is magnificent.

19/2/07 22:34  
Blogger Brooke - Little Miss Moi said...

Dear Jamie. Do you pronounce it "Ma-toose" as my parents do? Oh dear... Those poached eggs look delicious.

20/2/07 01:08  
Blogger Jamie Wodetzki said...

Yes, I think "Ma-toose" is the preferred pronunciation.

And this is no ordinary rose... it has a touch of sparkle to it. Much more exotic ;-)

21/2/07 22:35  
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