Friday, February 23, 2007

Pushka, Melbourne

Pretty soon someone will be setting up a cafe in a sewer or an old lift well or a wheelie bin or something. Because the cafe down the alley off the laneway has been done. And one of the best examples is Pushka, Presgrave Place, Melbourne (that's the laneway filled with wheelie bins, milk crates and interesting wall art, out the back of the Capitol Theatre).

pushka eggs

Pushka is ace. The serve cool stuff like coco pops, boiled eggs and soldiers, and "crazy toast" with vegemite and avo. And they do an impressive breakfast bagel called "The King" filled with cheese, prosciutto, avo, fried egg, mayo and something else but I forget what. Nice fresh bagels, which makes all the difference.

The ambience is best described as uber-grunge, with room for a handful of people inside, and a scattering of folding chairs, tables and milk crates in the laneway. There's a certain serenity to just sitting there, boxed in by buildings, sipping cappucino and staring up at the sky. It helps that they make an excellent cappucino (Coffee Supreme).

14/20 "crazy toast"


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Can you please defin "über grunge"?

Thank you.

16/6/07 12:14  
Blogger Jamie Wodetzki said...

it means super grunge, ie, a grunge that stands above the rest. at least that's what i meant when i said it. in plain english, i would say "very grungy but in a good way"

17/6/07 16:34  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I really love this place and the whole concept it represents. There’s this very post-modern sense that sophistication is an empty word and art can consist of anything that the artists choose to make of it, including dustbins and dark alleys. Of course, in this case, the art is more a matter of food than canvas (the “king” bagel is my personal favorite work), but even so the principle is the same – indeed, post-modernism dictates that there isn’t much that can’t serve as a good canvas. I especially like the fact that the cuisine is such a mixture of high and low, with “sophisticated” ingredients employed in simple, common food. Ultimately, though, a place like this needs to maintain its urban ambience. If it becomes a place where the wealthy come to feel like they are slumming it or somehow living out an artiste fantasy, it will quickly lose its “serenity” and its appeal.

4/7/07 04:15  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Can you also post some picture of the place? I am curious about how the whole place looks like with all those folding chairs, tables, and milk crates. Do they also serve shakes or fruit juices? You might as well update us with their most recent menu or offerings.

30/4/08 16:41  
Anonymous Priyamani said...

Will try..

9/11/09 20:42  
Blogger Unknown said...

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25/3/18 22:50  
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