Sunday, February 25, 2007

Boathouse, Moonee Ponds

I was standing there one day at the kitchen sink in Moonee Ponds. I was wrist deep in grey water, peas and mutton fat floating in it, I was looking out the kitchen window through chipped aluminium venetian blinds at a yard full of broken toys. And I thought, is this the end? Is this it?
Dame Edna Everage, Former Moonee Ponds Housewife

Moonee Ponds has changed a bit since Dame Edna's day. Now your average Moonee Ponds housewife can spend her weekends power-walking along the banks of the Maribyrnong River, Pink pumping through the iPod, followed by breakfast and a skinny latte at the Boathouse, 7 The Boulevard, Moonee Ponds, Tel +61 3 9375 2456. You could say that Pink is the new Purple Rinse.

Green eggs n ham

If you wake up early enough to beat the 11am cut-off, breakfast at the Boathouse is very good. The green eggs and ham is an interesting re-mix of the classic eggs benedict, with a crumpet base instead of muffins, and topped with a tasty pesto hollandaise and plenty of fresh rocket. I would have preferred a bit of crunch to the crumpet (which was quite soft and soggy), and a bit more poaching for the eggs, but the ham and hollandaise were excellent, and the flavour combo worked really well.

An even better combination of flavours came in the form of a ricotta and spinach omelette with Tasmanian smoked salmon (which was also topped with rocket). One of the best omelettes I've ever had, and I'm normally quite ambivalent about anything with salmon in it.

nice deck
Tourists can marvel at the gum trees

Other food options include: bircher muesli with grated pear and hazelnuts; French toast with lemon marscapone and baked Granny Smiths; corn cakes with eggplant relish (very tempting); and a wood-fired breakfast pizza with mushrooms, tomato, fried eggs and rocket. Maybe rocket was going cheap at the market yesterday?

Pippin quite liked the deck

The river-side location is a bonus, with plenty of outside tables (and a nice big deck) for you... and your dogs... and your kids... to enjoy the view. What are you waiting for possums?

16/20 "nice omelette"


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Blogger Nandi said...

Fantastic - you have give me a new local place to try. Let me hit you back with three places in this area (affectionately known as Flem/Ken/the Vale):
The Corner on Bellair - Bellair St Kensington. Try the pan brekkie, when you really need a lot of hot tasty food.
Pepper - Pin Oak Crescent, Flemington. It's all good, tho' I love the corn fritters.
And lastly, Little Bird - Union Road, Ascot Vale (opposite the Video Ezy, no signage) This place is too cool, but it has a great theme running in Greek and Turkish food. Try the mountain tea - just delicious.
Sadly, Periapt Foods has been taken over and renamed the Kitchen. Perhaps you could go back and re-review??

2/3/07 15:34  
Blogger Jamie Wodetzki said...

Thanks for the tips Amenyano, I will add these to the list. Always keen to try another contender for the corn fritter crown.

7/3/07 23:12  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Kitchen is really good, fabulous coffee

8/3/07 20:13  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Love the boathouse... staff are super and very efficient at their jobs... this place is a sister of Fenix in Richmond and the food shows that... had my wedding at the boathouse a few weeks ago and all of the food was fantastic. The big breakky pizza is crispy and full of savory delights..

19/4/07 11:08  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sadly, I won't be going back. I first went to the Boathouse a month ago and had the Boathouse breakfast which was just your standard eggs, sourdough, bacon and tomato. It was adequate but nothing special. Went back at the behest of my girlfriend and went for the breakfast pizza which was a pizza base with bacon, rocket mushroom and poached egg. This was a much nicer option. Unfortunately the service was slow and unfriendly and my girlfriend's coffee came with a LARGE side order of lipstick on the lip of the cup. Possibly forgiveable...possibly. However, one of our friends ordered a 2nd coffee and this came with a nice spoonfull of cake. Unfortunately, we didn't order any cake and this was the remnant of cake that was still on a spoon that had been in someone else's mouth!!! And this was the spoon given for his coffee!!! You 'might' understand it if it was a little smudge underneath but this was a completely covered spoon in chocolate and caramel! It really makes you wonder how clean everything else is.
Also, you can't take your dogs onto the deck anymore but that's no big deal because you can leave them nearby.
Avoid unless you want to be eating bits of someone elses old meal.

28/1/08 14:08  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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7/2/20 13:59  

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