Sunday, December 03, 2006

Poached, Brunswick

As the Labor caucus tries to choose between Harry Potter and Blow-hard Beazley, this morning I faced a difficult choice of my own... where to go and what to have for breakfast? Not crumpets, that much was easy. Not after I read that "Rudd is the thinking woman's crumpet". No, I was in the mood for the old favorite: "Eggs benedict please, with a side of grilled potatoes." And what better place to order poached eggs than a cafe called "Poached", 169 Lygon Street, East Brunswick, Tel +61 3 9387 2396.


It really should come as no surprise to anyone that Kev's taken his Field Marshal's baton out of his backback and given it a good hard polish. Beazley may be a nice guy (Mark Latham would beg to differ), but he really is a total wind-bag and most people don't have a clue what he's mumbling about. Even when he's trying to say "I can keep it simple", he says things like "I have learnt over the course of the past 18 months that simplicity is one of the things I need to carry around with me as a talisman..." Huh? A talis-what? Need I say more?

Speaking of simplicity, I am coming to the view that "special" ingredients are best left out of breakfast classics like eggs benedict. Simple twists can work. But adding slow roasted tomatoes is not what I'd call a simple twist. It was not an improvement on the classic benedict. Otherwise, it was a reasonable effort, with eggs soft-poached, thin slices of grilled gypsy ham, acceptable hollandaise (albeit a tad bland and lacking in lemon) and some grilled slices of spud.

I get the impression that Ange was very happy with the Eggs Florentine at Poached. I can also report that the plate of French toast delivered to the table next to mine looked huge (a big heap with pears, marscapone, topped with crispy bacon, and swimming in maple syrup). Otherwise you can get all the usual stuff like croissants, bircher muesli, eggs and extras (including zucchini, which is rare).

The Lavazza coffee was good, but not great, and the service was swift. As a venue, Poached has a very average, standard, mainstream, cafe vibe, which is not really what you expect to find just a few doors down from Small Block and Sugardough. But it was a good mainstream vibe, if that makes any sense. And excellent value. My eggs benny with two coffees was just over $15.

13/20 "eggs with zucchini"


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Blogger freeranger said...

Great to see a blog devoted to eggs. As a free range egg farmer I reckon eggs are the best - but then I would wouldn't I. The problem, is that so many places clim to serve free range eggs when they buy frlom non-accredited sources - so it's pot luck.
My blog is at
and we have a website at

4/12/06 22:00  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Service at Poached is fantastically fast for a reasonably good takeaway coffee. If you can't see a tram approaching from the tramstop outside, they will make you a latte in time to catch your tram. What a bonus!

15/8/08 13:08  

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