Saturday, December 23, 2006

Don Vincenzo, Fitzroy

If someone wrote a scathing review of Artie Bucco's pasta at Nuovo Vesuvio, would Tony Soprano care? I'm hoping not. I'm also hoping that, despite the name, there are no mob ties to Don Vincenzo, 301 Brunswick Street, Fitzroy, Tel +61 3 9419 6204. Otherwise, what I'm about to say might have negative implications for my health and general well-being.

Expressed in simple terms, the Eggs Benedict at Don Vincenzo was crap. The menu said "soft poached eggs" but mine were rock hard. The menu said "shaved ham" but mine was thin-sliced and fried. The menu tempted me with a side of "sauteed spinach" but mine was pretty much raw with a light coating of warm oil. It was all presented in a flashy way, with a muffin-ham-muffin-ham-muffin-ham-egg stack, but that only made it difficult to eat. Not alot better than a Bacon & Egg McMuffin, really.

Other options include four types of omelette, "oven baked" pancakes and Chef's toasted muesli, plus all the usual toast, eggs and extras (including sauteed sweet corn and avocado).

Service was OK, and they were apologetic when I bitched about the crappy food. My compensation was a free coffee, which was funny, since the coffee was about the only thing worth paying for.

9/20 "go to Mario's next door"


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Blogger ZZ said...

i really enjoy the delicious food here:). carry on with the nice work and merry christmas!

24/12/06 16:35  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I've eaten some of the most flawless eggs on the planet at the Don. They've saved me from a hangover the size of Everest on many an occasion. Maybe you caught them on a bad day perhaps....

4/1/07 10:31  
Blogger Squishy said...

Looks like a little tower of try to hard to me. Oh and hard eggs yuck. Nothing more satisfying than putting your knife through a lovely poached egg and taste that river of yolk. MMMMMMMmmmmm

19/1/07 01:03  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Don Vincenzo is just another Fitzroy cafe that survives on reputation. Where that reputation came from is anyones guess. Yuk!

23/1/07 13:57  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Please,please,please...Can someone go in and teach them how to poach an egg!!! Woeful!!!

19/12/07 20:58  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Enjoyed many breakfasts here the fruit salad, toasted sandwiches and coffee are excellent. They also have great window seating so you can check out all the hot chicks that walk past.

30/3/08 17:05  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have to say that you need to pull the peg that you have stuck up your anus out and spit the plum you have stuck in your tongue on the floor because if you consider Don Vincenzo's to have bad food than you need to go back and try their food again. Seriously the food there is wonderful. The eggs are always soft and the service is above none. The staff are personal and caring and have become a part of our family and we are just customers, but to them we are more. Go in and say hi to the girls, if you want a great dish try their calamari.

14/6/08 01:31  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have eaten at Don Vincenzo more than once ,not by my choice i can asure you ,things use to be good at the don some years ago now but it seems to me that something has changed in the kitchen.How hard can it be to serve soft eggs and hot food Vincenzo,whatever you were doing two years ago go back and do it again please.
PS . i use to enjoy the weekly specs , what the hell is going on now.

24/3/10 21:48  
Blogger Unknown said...

I tried Don Vincenzo for the first time tonight and not only will I never step foot in the place again, I will go out of my way to tell others not to go there.

My partner and I ordered a drink and the beetroot bruschetta for entree. I won't lie - the bruschetta was lovely and the staff were attentive at first. We ordered our mains and waited patiently, however, when it got to 40 minutes after ordering and our food hadn't arrived we got a little annoyed. We asked after our mains to discover they had been forgotten!

I understand mistakes happen, however, the waitress had the cheek to ask if I wanted more wine and didn't notice our table was without food for 40 minutes. And when they explained the situation with our meals they didn't even both trying to apologise or make it up to us so we promptly left. It was pretty disgusting customer service. The compensation - they took the bruschetta off the bill. Pity we had waited so long and were still hungry!!

26/4/11 23:13  

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