Sunday, October 22, 2006

Feedings at Readings, Port Melbourne

You can get all sorts of things from Feedings at Readings, 253 Bay St, Port Melbourne, Tel +61 3 9681 9876. Books, DVDs, music and talking Sebastian dolls. They even have celebrity book launches and stuff. Come here on November 20 and you'll get to meet Bill Grainger as he waxes lyrical about the joys of home cooking. Step 1, get yourself a fancy Poliform kitchen. Step 2, buy a copy of Bill's new book Every Day. Step 3, scramble a few eggs with a gallon of cream and cook. Easy.

I decided to go all healthy this morning, with a big bowl of Bircher muesli, topped with yoghurt and honey, and dusted with cinnamon. I'm no muesli maven, but to my amateur palate this was a magnificent bowl of white sludge. It was almost as good as a plate of eggs.

Although I didn't try the eggs, I did eyeball a nearby plate and they looked OK. You can get poached or scrambled free range eggs with most of the usual extras, including house baked beans, spinach, mushies, bacon, ham, chorizo, etc. They also do Benedict (with ham), Florentine (with spinach) and Atlantic (with smoked salmon and basil pesto).

14/20 "books and bircher"


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I had a brief excursion to Elsternwick yesterday, followed by brekkie at Gunther's. I should have returned home to Readings. The eggs are definitely good there.

Interestingly the cafe is run by the son of the family who have the super yummy chocolate shop further down Bay St, towards the beach. Hence the divine hot chocolate at Readings.

And as to Gunthers - given his background, my high expectations were unfortunately dashed. Sitting under the faded Nico LeDenis cookbook, Gunther's served us a great tomato relish, with a burnt roesti, burnt bacon and a couple of tiny, medium poached googies, half a small avocado and a singed half of roma tomato. The Benny had a decent hollandaise, but the nondescript white bread was also half burnt.

On the positive side, the floor staff were a cheerful and efficient crew; the coffee and hot chocolate were very good.

Fortunately for me, my Beloved lovingly made a better brekkie than Gunther at home today. Freshly laid free range Green Eggs, topped by thick sliced, locally sourced smokey bacon - also free range - and toasted artisanal bread purchased from Port Melbourne farmer's market, all cooked to perfection. Not a cinder in sight...mmmm, savoured every I just need to teach him how to drive the Baby Gaggia ;-)

29/10/06 13:16  

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