Sunday, September 17, 2006

Supersized Kanteen

Dodgy-looking, isolated, public toilet blocks used to be the kind of place a young gentleman might go to meet another young gentleman for a bit of fun. The kind of place George Michael might hang out if he was in town. But nowadays, it seems, everyone is hanging out at the local toilet block, sipping soy lattes and showing off the latest thing in oversized sunnies. Kanteen, beside the Yarra just below Como park, was an early example of this trend. And thanks to its recent make-over, you almost forget there's a perfectly good block of brown-brick dunnies lurking beneath a designer layer of recycled timber cladding.

Food-wise, the supersized Kanteen hasn't changed much from the original. Lots of stuff they can slap up quickly, like: ham, cheese and tomato melts on rye (with or without poached eggs); toasted pide topped with avocado and cottage cheese; and a breakfast pide stuffed with mashed egg, mayo, herbs, spinach and melted cheese (I had this and it was quite good). They also do Spanish Eggs baked in a dish with a couple of bits of chorizo, goats cheese and tomato sauce (and padded out with chunks of pide). These are cooked (or reheated) in a big old Aga stove.

But no bacon. Hello? No bacon? What kind of breakfast venue doesn't do bacon?


Kanteen does a decent Genovese coffee, plus you can get T2 teas, Emma and Tom's juices, and "Italian" hot chocolate. Service is still so-so, with the old get-your-own-water routine, and a long wait for coffees. Plus, they forgot the marscapone cheese on their own signature dish.


Blogger Candice said...

Great photo! That cheese looks morish.

Do you ever feel stupid when sitting in a café taking photos of your food? I mean, some of my friends are mortified when I start snapping pics of my Colombian delicacies, especially when it´s something considered really normal (like egg on beans) and the flash goes off.


21/9/06 03:07  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Jamie,

I'm curious about the food photo thing, too. Do cafes let you take pix of their nosh, or do you have to snap away in covert, guerilla style? Just curious!


30/9/06 11:01  
Blogger Jamie Wodetzki said...

I'm sure some people think I'm a freak... snapping pics of my scrambled eggs, and I sometimes push my luck by instructing fellow diners to twirl their plates and not eat anything till I have captured their breakfast from just the right angle. The best bit is when you get the mini tripod out and set the thing to shoot using a timer. But I just ignore everyone around me and act like it's the normal thing to do ;-)

I try to keep the camera well-disguided till the food arrives. But after that I don't really care if they see what I'm doing. So far, no cafe has ejected me or tried to smash my camera. So far...

4/10/06 18:48  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Nice photo's but its such a shame you don't write like Matt Preston.

19/4/07 20:54  
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