Saturday, September 16, 2006

Best Tea Cosy

It's surprising how rare it is to find a tea cosy these days. This little blue and white chequered number with a pom-pom on top had a certain law-enforcement chic to it. More importantly, it kept the tea warm. Which earns Annie Smithers a belated best tea cosy award for 2006. Never mind that it's the only tea cosy I've clapped eyes on during the past two years.

It's also a very recent innovation. We were here only last week and the teapot was delivered stark naked. Maybe Annie's gunning for two chef's hats next year?


The eggs benedict was a top tier performance, if that counts. Good quality hollandaise and plenty of it. Magnificent ham. Well toasted muffins. Decent eggs (slightly over-runny for my taste). And a crispy house-made hash brown on the side. Well worth trying if you're cruising through Kyneton around breakfast time.


Blogger Candice said...

Love it. Love it. I want one.

21/9/06 03:01  
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