Sunday, July 30, 2006

Three One Two, Carlton

Mrs Jones has been replaced by a number. She is now called Three One Two, after her Drummond Street address, Tel +61 3 9347 3312. And she's had a face lift. I particularly like the splash of military-issue cammo netting hanging in the front window. Extra protection just in case Hezbollah start launching drive-by rocket attacks from Lygon Street.

312 pork banger

Food-wise, it's steady as she goes in the McConnell kitchen. The weekend brunch menu is very much Circa, Reloaded. The trusty smoked salmon and cream cheese croque monsieur. The scrambled eggs with truss tomatoes and skewer of bacon. Doughnuts with chocolate dipping sauce. House made crumpets with clover honey.

I decided to try something new, so I took a punt on the pork sausage with white bean and tomato braise. Sounds fancy, doesn't it? Much fancier than beans and bangers on toast. And very nice it was, too. Especially the sesame crusted multi-grain toast, from Baker D. Chirico in St Kilda apparently. You only get one sausage, but I doubt you'll walk away hungry.

Perhaps the most unusual dish on offer at 312 was the prawn and sorrel omelette with green sauce. Prawns for breakfast. Hmmm...

17/20 "prawn omelette"


Eggs & Bacon $16.00 BB100 +60%

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Blogger Ange said...

Yum, have been wanting to try dinner here for a while now, didnt even know they did brekky too, sounds delicious

31/7/06 09:51  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

An amazing selection of flavours with A1 service and an ambient yet comfy vibe. 10/10.

4/9/06 16:23  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I tried 312 a few months ago, only to be hugely diappointed with the less than exciting menu. The crumpets were utterly horrible, the ones that I made in Year 7 science over a bunsen burner were far more delicious. My friends' selctions were also quite bland, and the quieter than quiet atmosphere made it quite uncomfortable to have a conversation.
Overall, very disappointing.

5/10/07 19:12  
Blogger Jamie Wodetzki said...

The 312 website says "we'll be closing for breakfast and brunch over the colder months" but does anyone know if that now also applies to the warmer months, ie, now?

16/12/07 19:21  

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