Sunday, June 18, 2006

Croque Madame du Grocer Vert

Hmmm... with the Australia v Brazil world cup showdown looming I should really have eaten a Brazilian for breakfast. But who can resist a croque madame when she shows up on the menu? Not me. Not today. And not when it's as good as this. Another impressive performance from the Green Grocer in North Fitzroy.

Unfortunately, the Croque was a special, so there's no guarantee you'll be able to get one. But it was one of those dishes where the food actually lived up to the blurb on the menu... a buttery toasted sandwich of free range naturally smoked ham, mustard, fresh horseradish and cheese, with a fried egg and tomato sauce. Sounds good. Looks good. Tastes great. And now for the money shot...

Mmmm... you can't beat quality ham. I would have liked a bit more kick from the horseradish, but otherwise this was faultless stuff. Even the tomato sause was home made (or at least not mass-produced).


Anonymous Anonymous said...

you should consider trying this french original dish in the french cafe called Cafe au Soleil located in the historical Royal Arcade in CBD Melbourne, absolutely yummy....and it's in their menu so you can have it any time you want!!! along with other french goodies. Cheers

21/11/07 21:03  
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