Sunday, May 07, 2006

Beaumaris Pavilion, Beaumaris

The catch with being a smart-arse is that you need to be smart. Not a moron, like our waiter at breakfast this morning. I order a capuccino, no chocolate. He delivers a "latte in a cup" with a smugness that should have sounded a warning bell for what was to come. He tells us the eggs benny comes on sourdough toast. It arrives 30 minutes later on cold muffins. Crap service has a new home... the Beaumaris Pavilion, 472 Beach Road, Beaumaris, Tel +61 3 9589 3251.

After an experience like this, I love finding self-congratulatory quotes like this:

Friendly, professional and knowledgeable staff pride themselves and [sic] ensuring you enjoy a memorable experience.

Hmmm... well I suppose it was memorable.

Food-wise, the story doesn't get much better. The poached eggs were fine, and the side of sauteed spinach was quite good. But the hollandaise was thin and watery, and there wasn't much of it. The ham was mediocre and ungrilled. And the hash browns were mass-produced frozen fellas, expertly fried till golden and greasy. Best of all, it was all nice and cold, so there was no risk of burning your mouth, or anything like that.

It is a nice venue, with a fairly slick modern fit-out, and nice big windows overlooking beach road and the bay beyond. The coffee was good, too.

10/20 "nice windows"



Anonymous Anonymous said...

It could be possible that they are winding things down towards a pre-ordained closure:

"...Council should also note that an associated, but separate planning scheme amendment and permit application have been lodged for the Beaumaris Hotel and Pavilion at 472 Beach Road,for which the subject site is currently used as a car park. The proposed amendment, C42, is required to enable Council to consider a planning permit application for the restoration of the existing hotel building to its former glory, which involves the restoration of the original third level towers along Beach Road. Planning Permit application 04/0681 seeks the restoration ofthe Beaumaris Pavilion and conversion of the hotel to sixteen (16) residential apartments in a three (3) storey building, demolition of an ancillary building to the existing hotel and the development of the remainder of the site for eighteen (18) double storey dwellings and basement parking, in a heritage overlay."

Soon there will be no beachside pubs left. :-(

7/5/06 16:24  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'd like to share with you today's 'eggs benedict' - American style.

I've scoured Sacramento (CA) for decent EB, they don't know what it is. However, I found it on a web menu at the Delta King - a paddle boat steamer based 'downtown' on a big river in Sacto.

Success! So no.

The EB was vile and the service dire.

When I asked the waiter for a TEAspoon to stir my coffee he reappeared with a desert spoon. I sent him away. He returned with a plastic stirring stick. Bizarre.

EB cost us US75.

Americans do not do breakfast well.

8/5/06 16:01  

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