Sunday, April 02, 2006

Grocery Bar, East Melbourne

They called it Grocery Bar Benedict. It included ham and eggs. But that's where the similarities ended. And it wasn't an improvement on the original. I guess this is one menu Robin Wickens won't be ripping off any time soon. You can try the original at Grocery Bar, under the Tribeca Apartments, 412-442 Victoria Parade, East Melbourne, Tel +61 3 9419 4659.

To be fair, it was perfectly edible. But "edible" isn't really anything to brag about if you're running a cafe. The eggs were seriously underpoached, to the point where raw whites slithered across the plate. The ham was ungrilled and coated with melted cheese that was well on its way to unmelting. The muffins had been replaced with Turkish toast, which was OK but a bit chewy. And the hollandaise had been replaced with a side dish of basil mayonnaise, which is where the "benedict" nexus was well and truly broken.

Located under the Phillipe Starck branded apartments in the old CUB brewery, the venue has a good layout, including some nifty bar seating running along both sides of the exterior windows. Who knows if the "most celebrated designer in the world" (a Tribeca claim, not mine) had any hand in the cafe design, but there are no sheer white curtains or other Starckisms like you'll find at Sanderson, St Martins Lane or the Hudson, so I doubt it.

Despite the disappointing Benedict, I wouldn't necessarily say that Grocery Bar is a place to avoid. The coffee was very good, and some of the simple dishes sounded fine: seasoned mashed avocado on organic multigrain toast; BLAT pide with bacon, lettuce, avocado & tomato; home made baked beans on organic sourdough toast; muesli; porridge; muffins; croissants; and fruit salad.

12/20 "eggs mayonnaise"



Blogger Katiez Furry Mewz said...

Oh that photo is making me so hungry... I'm going to the kitchen to have breakfast (it's 6am here)


2/4/06 21:09  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think you are being a bit harsh! I love the breakfasts and coffee at Grocery Bar.

Kate - GB regular

8/4/06 14:40  
Blogger Chai said...

I like the photos you take. Makes me hungry.

14/4/06 15:33  
Blogger Pip said...

Unfortunately, while this cafe had great food and fantastic coffee, it is really child-UNfriendly... We dropped in with some friends, three kids between us, two in a double pram, all being remarkably well behaved (other parents will appreciate the rarity of this). I'm not sure if the waitress could have been any more unhelpful, insisting that we really couldn't sit where we had opted to, failing to give us another option of where would be more suitable despite our query to her, didn't lift a finger to assist when we juggled chairs and prams to meet her needs. She definitely would have prefered we left but a combination of factors (where we were staying, later appointments, and breastfeeding times!) meant we couldn't. Can do better with service, excellent food and drink.

19/9/11 19:35  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I work up the street at WSP Environmental and go to the Grocery bar a lot. The service and food is great.

14/11/11 15:14  
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