Sunday, April 16, 2006

Chocolate Eggs for Breakfast

What do you mean, don't eat too much chocolate, all the other kids hate him, chocolate's the only friend he's got.
Marjorie Dawes, Fat Fighters

This morning I can say with all honesty that I had one egg for breakfast. Never mind that it was a Haigh's Easter egg (Adelaide's contribution to world food). Never mind that it was 600 grams of pure chocolate. Never mind that you could fit a baby alien inside. Just one egg. That's all. No toast. Marjorie would be proud. Fat Fighters here I come.

easter egg
Pippin waits nervously for the baby alien to emerge


Blogger Possbert said...

This morning I went into Fremantle for breakfast and was given an Easter egg with my coffee.

16/4/06 14:23  
Anonymous Vicky Pollard said...

Yeah, but no, but yeah.......anyways I got the lurgy. Yeah I know because there was this whole fing 'cause I was down the arcade and Kelly flobbed on Destiny and a bit of it landed in my hair because Kelly hates Destiny because Destiny told Warren that Kelly pads her bra. It's true - Nathan reckons he put his hand down there and pulled out a bag of Jelly Tots.

19/4/06 10:37  
Anonymous Peabody said...

If no alien came out I hope Pippin got something yummy for breakfast ;)

20/4/06 12:12  
Blogger Pinkeagle said...


23/4/06 01:45  
Blogger jenu said...

Dust, high in fat or low in fat anyone? dust? anyone?

7/5/06 11:04  
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