Friday, April 14, 2006

Cafe Domain, South Yarra

One-armed food blogging is much harder than you'd think. Especially if the working arm is your left, and you happen to be right-handed. But ain't no broken elbow gonna come between me and a four day Easter weekend of eggs. Sling, schming. Outsource the chopping up. Pop a few pain killers. Blog on. And so I give you breakfast at Cafe Domain, 171 Domain Road, South Yarra, Tel +61 3 9866 3120.

Before chopping...

Pictured above is my serve of scrambled eggs with bacon and mushrooms on honey whole-wheat toast. Pictured below is the same plate of eggs, all chopped up (with a little 3rd party assistance) into little chunks that can be stabbed with a fork. The rest was easy. Spear a bit of bacon and some toast, sponge up a bit of relish, shovel into mouth, chew... scoop up some egg, shovel into mouth, chew... etc etc

After chopping...

The verdict? In a word, ordinary. The toast was a bit old and dry. There was no butter on it, and none on the side. The scrambled eggs weren't creamy. The bacon was overcooked and chewy. The mushrooms were OK. The tomato relish was very good.

We also tried the eggs benedict, which was pretty good (nice salmon). But the hollandaise wasn't tangy, and tasted too much like softened butter to me. Maybe I should have scraped some off to butter my toast?

Perhaps the best thing about Domain is its street-side seating, looking out across Domain Road to the greenery of Melbourne's Botanic Gardens. It's a nice spot for a coffee if you're out walking the dog. An expensive coffee mind you. $3.70 for a soy latte.

9/20 "ordinary"



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow that is a lot of interesting stuff. It makes me hungrey.

30/4/06 13:58  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yeah, this place is crap. For a great location, they should try harder to provide better food and service.

21/2/09 00:34  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This place USED to be a wonderful cafe, as a local I spent many years eating breakfast and lunch here but unfortunately the current management and staff have ruined it -
The food is overpriced and of very poor quality (microwaved);
The service is rude and inept (that's when you can find some-one to serve you);
But by far the worst example of the arrogance from staff and management that I can share with you is when I queried an incorrect charge to my food bill I was told they are “too busy to deal with my issue” and that “if I have been charged for a $9.50 sausage roll then I must have eaten it” (I would like to note here that I am a vegetarian and all other items on the bill were naturally vegetarian selections, yet the management refused to acknowledge this when I pointed it out!)
But the clincher for me never to return was the final statement from management – “l don’t care if you did or didn’t order it- you are not getting a refund, we have plenty of other customers and you don’t have many other venues to choose from”.
Please by all means try this venue just to see why so many people give it a bad review, but I suggest you go next door to Café 181 or The Botanical if you would like great food and friendly service, then you can watch the poor service at Café Domain and witness the frequent food returns and complaints from customers from a safe distance to judge for yourself.

2/10/12 17:26  

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