Thursday, January 19, 2006

Illia Cafe, Melbourne

Got half an hour to spare before your Directions Hearing in Court No 1? How about a serve of Eggs Florentine at Illia Cafe, 180 William Street, Melbourne, Tel +61 3 9640 0422. Right next to the Supreme Court. Maybe grab a latte for the Judge on the way out?


They really do an excellent hollandaise at this place. Light and bubbly with a real lemon kick. The poached eggs and spinach were very good too. My only complaint was the muffins, which were only lightly toasted... not enough crunch for my liking.

If sweet things do it for you, the French toast with plums, pistachios, clotted cream and maple syrup sounded pretty good. They also do porridge with your choice of banana, poached pears, honey, and coconut milk.

Other savoury options include: Illia Araldo, comprising 2 fried eggs, bacon, cheese, tomato and house made BBQ sauce on Turkish toast; house made vegetarian baked beans on toast; and the usual eggs plus extras.

As a venue, Illia is modern yet cosy, with a red glass feature wall and green tiles perking up a room of dark tables and chairs. Good Grinders coffee and friendly service too.

15/20 "nice hollandaise"



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