Sunday, January 15, 2006

Greasy Joe's, St Kilda

Greasy Joe's - 68 Acland Street, St Kilda, Tel +61 3 9525 3755 - has got its mojo back. It's bigger than ever (they've annexed the place next door). The vibe is good. And you'll struggle to find a better fry-up anywhere in town. My breakfast with "the lot" was a hearty feast. The "triple bypass breakfast" may well kill you. Three eggs, three snags, three bits of bacon, three hash browns, fried onions... and a porterhouse steak. BYO defibrillator.

greasy joes

Back in the 90s, during a brief period of exile in Canberra, GJ's was one of the Melbourne experiences I missed and craved the most. The thought of parking myself in a booth for a lazy 3pm Saturday brekky of eggs benny made me wonder what I was doing in a freezing wasteland where they served lattes in poncy tall glasses with stems. Then, in more recent times, I had some dud experiences, and I feared that old school Joe's was dead (or suffering from serious heart problems).

After today, I fear no more. GJ's is back. The food is as good as ever, and the kooky but efficient St Kilda staff are on the job. One of the waiters (a bloke) looked like a cross between Nicole Ritchie and a roadie... skinny black jeans and sneakers with a super-size pair of pink sunnies. Very fetching.

The only let-downs were the button mushies (too wet) and the hash browns (too soggy). Otherwise, the eggs were superb, the meats tasty, and the Grinders coffee excellent.

17/20 "triple bypass breakfast"


Eggs & Bacon $8.50 BB100 -15%

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Blogger Jamie Wodetzki said...

Highly recommend Henkel's breakfast if you're looking for a hangover cure.

29/7/06 20:55  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Unfortunately my french toast at greasy joe's was soggy and the eggs on the raw side - ie. clear liquid from the egg white... eek!

13/8/06 01:55  
Blogger Candice said...

Owwwe. I miss GJs! No better place to catch up with friends after a huge night at Prince.

I always order the flapjack stack with bacon and maple syrup with fried egg and hashbrows on the side (they look at me like I'm crazy if I ask for the egg and bacon on top of the pancake!S)

Also the fresh OJ is a life saver, but often they've run out by the time I get there.

7/11/06 23:49  
Blogger Unknown said...

as a half scot have paddy expat living in St.Kilda for 7 years I found that I had little use for a front room or a kitchen.
I've been back in Pomgolia too long now and am heading home to the Saint.
I had a terrible dream that they had shut so am glad to jear that they have ousted the odious Sammy and his appaling moustaches from the gaffe next door.

But most of all I'm beaming to know it's still there and has got it's mojo back.

New owners no doubt.

I'm coming home, they don't know shit about coffee over here!!

6/2/07 04:01  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I've had it with Greasy Joes. Every time I go it get worse. Food is cold, staff are extremely rude and even after approaching a waiter twice for our coffees he continued to give us the bill without them. The music was turned up unsuitably loud for 8:30am.I will not go back to greasy joes again. You can get a hot breakfast and great service else where for half the price. GOOD BYE GREASY JOE's....thats the last.

25/4/07 08:59  
Blogger Unknown said...

Greasy Joe's has gone totally downhill. I think they've overstretched themselves with the place next door as they've totally cut back on service - you even have to get your own cutlery and search the restaurant for salt or sugar. Service is crap, food is terrible - and whatever you do don't order the black pudding, even after requesting it be cooked more its raw and disgusting, and the bacon is charred

9/7/08 17:59  
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