Sunday, November 20, 2005

Blue Tongue, Elwood

I am coming to the view that Elwood is something of a breakfast heavy hitter. This morning we did Blue Tongue, 62-64 Ormond Road, Tel +61 3 9531 3011, and I tried out an old favorite... Eggs Benedict. To my great relief, the muffins were well toasted, and the hollandaise was superb. Very impressive.

Which is not to say that it was perfect. The eggs were a tad wet and overdone, and the hash brown was nothing to rave about. But the hollandaise, ham and muffins were of such a high standard, that a few minor poaching flaws didn't get in the way of an excellent benedict experience.

Another impressive dish was the baked beans, which came in its own baking dish, topped with melted cheese and grilled chorizo. Very good according to GB. I was almost tempted to try the kransky on cheese and onion polenta bread, with green tomato chutney. Maybe next time.

When a nearby diner starting tucking into his "French style Turkish bread" with grilled banana, bacon and maple syrup, it got me thinking about sweet vs savoury breakfast-orientation. Normally, you swing one way or the other. You go for the sweet stuff (fruit, porridge, muesli, hotcakes), or you stick to the savoury stuff (eggs, bacon, beans, bangers). But French toast (savoury), with grilled banana (sweet), bacon (savoury) and maple syrup (sweet)? Sounds like the breakfast equivalent of a bi-sexual orgy. I like it both ways. At the same time.

Not that there's anything wrong with that.

Apart from great food, Blue Tongue also serves up very good Grinders coffee in a stylish and relaxing indoor/outdoor setting. If it's a nice sunny day, the street-side tables with padded seats are hard to beat.

17/20 "I like it both ways"


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Blogger Sarah said...

Hi Jamie!

The sweet AND savoury combination (aka "bi-sexual breakfast orgy") is a fine one indeed. I think I told you at the Blogger dinner about this breakfast I had at Pancake Parlour... blueberry buckwheat pancake with bacon, scrambled eggs and maple (flavoured) syrup.

Heaven! And I know Bill Granger has a recipe for blueberry buckwheat pancakes, so this version of a bisexual breakfast orgy will be easy to recreate at home, hehe!

xox Sarah-we-all-want-variety

27/11/05 11:21  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I love Blue Tongue- they do the best soy chai latte in Melbourne and they have a habit of hiring very good looking male waiters! Consistently good service and a great place for dog lovers...

29/9/06 12:34  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

If you haven't been in a while i highly recommend trying my current favourite breakfast dish at blue tongue....polenta bread with smoked salmon, dill and goats cheese souffle and cherry tomato salsa..... heaven.

5/2/07 13:05  
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