Saturday, October 29, 2005

Blue Orange, Bondi

If you're planning to take a dip in the Bondi surf, make sure you do it before having brekky at Blue Orange, 49 Hall Street, Bondi Beach, Tel +61 2 9300 9885. There was no way I was dragging my bloated body onto the beach after such a huge plate of eggs, bacon, snags, mushies and corn bread. The whale rescue team would've been rolling me back to deeper water within minutes.

This place is like a strange blend of beach bungalow and ski lodge, but it works. Pine panelled walls, low corky ceiling, comfy banquettes and windows that open onto the busy Bondi street. Very cool.

But it's the food that really won me over. Tasty scrambles, delicious bacon, two beef bangers, juicy garlic roasted mushrooms and a magnificent slice of home-made corn bread. Throw in great Lavazza coffee, HP sauce and quick service and you're in brekky heaven. No weak links.

18/20 "mmm... corn bread"


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Blogger Shel said...

Hmm I love this blog but this is one place that I totally disagree with. Quite possibly the worst breakfast I've had. Toast was cold and the sausages that came with my eggs were undercooked and cold too. Ok for coffee though
Go to Brown Sugar instead.

27/5/08 05:34  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks Shel for the fabulous recommendation to visit Brown Sugar! We’re from Melbourne, visiting Sydney on the weekend and we actually went out of our way to go to Bondi just to try Brown Sugar! Then went again after the city2surf! The coffee was probably 7/10 for us, the food was awesome... we pigged out (we were running in the c2s so why not)!! Banana bread was outstanding and very tasty & generous serving of muesli too. Poached eggs were pretty good too, a little sloppy but overall, highly recommended.

14/8/08 13:44  

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