Sunday, October 30, 2005

Bills Reloaded

Last time I accused Bills of being a two trick pony. Great scrambles, great hotcakes, and not much else. I stand corrected. I am upgrading this particular pony to three, and possibly four tricks. The corn fritters are also very good (although not as good as Replete), and it looks like the bircher muesli deserves high praise too. But that's it. Bad luck if you want something exotic, like, hmmm... poached eggs. Sorry, we don't do those.

This morning's brekky was made all the more exciting by the presence of Agent Smith, right across the communal table from us. Yes, Bill's lived up to its star-spotting credentials, and I am now able to say that I had breakfast with Hugo Weaving (we shared a table, after all). I kept hoping Trinity would join us, but the damned agent scared her off.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

People marvel at Bill's scrambled eggs. But I wonder if they should be renamed "cream and scrambled eggs". When I last ordered them I was aghast at the amount of cream that must've gone in them. I opened one of his cookbooks and was shocked to see how much cream went into 2 scrambled eggs. (I can't remember the exact amount). Personally, I think drenching a dish in fat is cheating. It's what bad corporate cafe's do. Scrambled Eggs are about the eggs. The cream is a lubricator that keeps them moist. The eggs should never set the cream.

However, the corn fritters are excellent.

31/10/05 10:32  
Blogger deborah said...

I find Bills scrambled eggs heavenly, but I wouldnt want it for breakfast very often! I believe the measurement for cream: eggs is 1/3 cup of cream: 2 eggs!

I have yet to try the corn fritters though!

31/10/05 11:19  

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