Saturday, September 17, 2005

Caffe Panette, South Melbourne

No doubt Kim Beazley was choking on his brekky this morning, as further details of the Latham Diaries splashed their way across the pages of the weekend papers. While Kim, "Comb-over" McMullan and various other "sick puppies" struggled to keep their porridge down, I grabbed the papers and got stuck in to an excellent plate of Eggs Benedict at Caffe Panette, corner of Coventry and Cecil streets, South Melbourne, +61 3 9690 2803. I love politics for breakfast.

Mark reckons Kim is a smut-peddling smear-monger who's not fit to clean the dunnies at Parliament House. Cutting. But wait till the real diaries get out. I've seen a leaked copy of The Downfall: Inside Latham's Bunker and Kim gets off lightly compared to Mr Sheen...

February 3, 2005: Rudd wants my support. If it's euthanasia he's proposing I'm all for it. F--king foreign affairs f--kwit. He can speak Mandarin, hell, he can shove a mandarin up his arse for all I care.

OK, maybe this is a fake. But it's funny.

Getting back to this morning's brekky, I must say that Panette came through with the goods. Very good eggs, an elegant hollandaise, plenty of thin-sliced gypsy ham (I would have preferred it grilled, but whatever), good muffins and a nice big roesti on the side. Very good Grinders coffee (from a Gaggia), too.

Every dish I saw looked impressive. Big piles of scrambles, tasty-looking sides, and "Panette's Own" baked beans with ham hocks and haricot beans. Another popular item was Joe's Melting Muffins with bacon, roma tomatoes and avocado smothered in melted cheese. Or, for the sugar-lovers, French toast with caramelised apples and double cream.

This morning, with gale-force winds and icy rain outside, all eyes were on the inside tables. After a 10-15 minute wait, I scored a spot, spread Annabel Crabb across the dark wooden table (her article, I mean... let's not start any more smutty rumours), and soaked up the atosphere. Very cosy.

17/20 "melting muffins"


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Although the food was quite tasty (not fabulously delicious), I found the service incredibly rude and rushed.
Not somewhere I'd go back to in a hurry, especially when there are so many other nice cafes along the same street.

30/1/08 22:15  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Just have to write to balance the comment by anonymous. CP is the best! NEVER been disappointed by breakfast there. I might point out that the only person I've taken there who didn't like what they ordered was American. Enough said, surely? It must be good. Only porridge I've had in Melbourne I look forward to reordering.

30/5/08 15:34  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I was allured by CP but dissapointed by the rudness of the atmosphere which ruined my appetite and desire to be there and enjoy the reputation many others have enjoyed in the past.

26/8/10 19:45  

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