Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Silo Bakery, Kingston

Kingston... Canberra's attempt at inner suburban cool. Only not that cool. And yet freezing bloody cold. But what it lacks in architectural variety, it makes up in flashes of culinary brilliance. Like Silo, 36 Giles Street, Tel +61 2 6260 6060. Kind of like Babka... only with good service. Bonus.

This morning's scrambles were creamy and excellent, with a light and crusty sourdough toast, great mushrooms, and a tasty serve of bacon. Yum.

Apart from simple classics like scrambles with smoked salmon, gruyere omelette and eggs florentine, the Silo menu boasts some interesting and original options: Welsh rarebit with sausage, egg & sauteed silverbeet; Migas con morcilla (roasted bread pieces, black pudding, parsley, vegies and a fried egg); and a "breakfast cheese selection" with bread. Being a bakery, there's also a good range of toasts and pastries. Just don't come here for porridge or muesli. Not an option, I'm afraid.

Inside, the atmosphere is typical of a busy bakery cafe, and at under $15 for brekky with good coffee, Silo isn't bad value.

15/20 "breakfast cheese, anyone?"


Anonymous viagra prescription said...

You are right, Camberra isn't coll at all, what a shame.

20/7/11 07:53  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Next time you're there, keep an eye out for the waiter who thinks he's Australia's Top Model. He struts up and down the length of the place ignoring customers as he goes! Pathetic really.

9/5/12 11:43  

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