Friday, May 13, 2005

Bathers' Pavilion, Balmoral Beach

If Bills is the place for "Sydney Food", then the Bathers' Pavilion, Tel +61 2 9969 5050, is the place for a "Sydney Experience". It's slick, expensive, and on the beach. Balmoral beach, to be precise. You'll struggle to find a better brekky venue.

For me, this was a step back in time. My first childhood memory of a weekend breakfast treat was the "Balmoral Schooner" of eggs, bacon, etc, etc, at this very same spot. These days the signature fry-up has the rather more boring moniker of "Balmoral Breakfast", but it was amazing how familiar the place seemed over 25 years on. Same light and airy buzz. Same outlook to North Head. Same shark nets across the beach (although they looked much bigger when I was a kid).

Today I went with the Eggs Benedict, with an excellent side of hash browns (soft cakes of grated potato, well-grilled on both sides). The poached eggs were good (but slightly underdone), the hollandaise was tart with just a hint of sweetness, and the bacon and muffins just right. All in all, a very satisfying meal.

The coffee was good, the service excellent (and swift), but at over $30 for breakfast and two coffees, this place ain't cheap.

16/20 "best venue"

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'd give Bathers 9 out of 10... the OLD Bathers 'hole in the wall' cafe.

Don't gte me wrong... the refurbished joint is nice enough, though somewhat generic, but it misses the charm of the little outdoor cafe at the back of the kitchen that served up the best breakfasts and lunches on the planet.

I miss it, but Bathers is still Bathers, and Balmoral is still Balmoral. There isn't a better place on the planet for a feed and a walk.

8/5/06 12:43  
Blogger caw said...

ooooo, the OLD caf. Good point - I loved that place but then I'd give the new one 9/10 too - especially by the fireplace with a hot toddy & their raspberry creme brulee.

Phwoarh. It does rock.

8/5/06 16:03  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I went here for Brunch a few years back and agree that, on the whole, it is difficult to get a better "Australian" Brunch experience...great place to bring Out-Of-Towners. The location & atmosphere is exquisite, and fortunately the food and service holds its own (just).

Sometimes for such memorable experiences, you gotta forget the cost.

8/3/07 13:50  
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I also remember this beach. As a child, my friends and I made a camp there. We stayed in a beach tent and it was very exciting and cool. Ah, good times.

25/12/16 01:21  

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