Saturday, May 28, 2005

Amici Bakery Cafe, Prahran

Having been rejected by Harvey's this morning (no booking), we hiked down Chapel Street in search of a Plan B venue. Perhaps we should be thankful. The breakfast at Amici Bakery Cafe, 242 Chapel St, Prahran, Tel +61 3 9529 7770, was excellent, and there were significantly fewer wankers to spoil the mood.

If there's one thing bakery cafes should get right it's the bread. So, it was good to see that the Eggs Benedict came with sourdough English muffins baked in-house. The texture was more course than your typical fresh-from-the-packet variety, but the crust was close to un-cut-able, which was a bit annoying. The eggs, on the other hand, were poached just right, with soft deep-yellow yolks that blended well with the hollandaise (nice consistency, but not sufficiently tart). The crispy bacon was very good, and the "cottage potatoes" had been tossed and baked in shredded parsley, which worked well.

In additon to good eggs (an excellent big breakfast, a daily omelette special, and a "flaming" variation on Benedict with a spicy ragout of onions and red capsicum) Amici also caters well to the sweet tooth. One of my fellow brunchers had the Bircher muesli which, despite looking like a single celled protein combined with synthetic aminos vitamins and minerals (ie, the grey slop that Neo and friends slurped down on the Matrix), was delicious. It was a huge serve, and the fresh stawberries and yoghurt gave the dish a visual lift.

Service at Amici was a little bit haphazard, but the place was buzzing so they probably deserve some slack. At $7.50 for the Bircher and $10.50 for the Benedict, it was a great value breakfast. Good coffee too.

15/20 "sourdough muffins"


Blogger Glen said...

I'm a big fan of Amicis and brunch there quite often. They have largish tables so you can spread out your paper without getting too much of your breakfast on the pages. However, i've found the quality varies from week to week. Two constants are their in house baked breads/pastries and coffee. I've never been disappointed and highly recommend the big breakfast. The mushrooms can be a bit too wet and tasteless sometimes but other than that, you can't miss. Seating is sometimes hard to find in which case you can head down the street and try your luck at the Globe ;-)

2/8/07 14:54  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ok, The breakfasts at Amicis are amazing.
The service is terrible!
Every single time we have been there we have waited and waited for A} menus B} a waiter C} coffee.

I waited unattended for 20 mins for someone to serve me. I only stayed out of amusment. I asked a young girl if i could order her response was "yeah wait".
My food came out in 15mins quite quick. However our coffees came 45 mins after being ordered! and i asked 3 times where they were!
I have worked in hospitality before and i was trying to be patiant but i swear if it happens again,, ill go elswhere.

2/11/08 11:51  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

My friend and I went to amici yesterday for breakfast.
We would definitely not recommend it to any one.
My pouched eggs were hard, my baked beans
dry and the tomatoes and bread very average.
My friend's salad and raisin toast was below
Average and we both agreed not to go there
ever again. We did not even finish a quarter of what was
on the plate. Maybe when you guys went it was better,
but we would rate it 2/20 yesterday(1/5/09).

2/5/09 12:36  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The menu is not interesting at all. Food is average, service is bad.

2/7/11 02:15  
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