Saturday, April 23, 2005

North Road Pavilion, Brighton

The conclave is over, the ballots are toast, and Benedict XVI is wearing the pointy hat. This afternoon, with his holiness on the mind, I enjoyed a fine serve of poached eggs and hollandaise at the North Road Pavilion, 2b North Road, Brighton, Tel +61 9596 9196. Strictly speaking, served with toast (not muffins) and a bonus serve of spinach, this was not textbook Benedict. So I'm calling it Eggs Ratzinger, in honour of the new Holy Father.

It's a long way from the Holy See, but the Pavilion is blessed with some great sea-side views. Apparently it used to be a surf club (not that there are any nearby waves to speak of), until Simone Jones (a good Catholic girl, by the way) got her hands on it and made it into a cafe. Nice work Groaner, is all I can say. It's a great venue, and my eggs were excellent.

My one gripe was the so-called hash brown, which was more like a fried disc of batter. It was all nice and golden, but it tasted awful.

For dog owners, this place is perfect. Lots of outside tables where you and your pooch can relax, sniff around and soak up the view. Or, grab a breakfast baguette (with omelette, spinach, bacon and tomato relish) and go walkies. Woof.

15/20 "Eggs Ratzinger"

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Blogger Mer said...

Topical links with the breakfast review reveal a quirky approach to your blog. Whatever has Ratzinger to do with eggs?
If not why not eh?

26/4/05 23:26  
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