Saturday, March 12, 2005

Trotters, Carlton

Today, like a good little hobbit, I indulged in two breakfasts. First breakfast was at Trotters Cafe, 400 Lygon Street, Carlton, Tel +61 3 9347 5657. The atmosphere was great. The Benedict disappointing.

Opinions on Trotters seem divided. A recent Qantas magazine article rated it best fry-up in Melbourne. The 2005 Cheap Eats, however, doesn't even give it an egg cup... its mark of an excellent breakfast. I think Cheap Eats is being harsh, and Qantas is on drugs.

I decided to give the Eggs Benedict a try, and although it was a fair effort, it was nothing to write home about. The poached eggs were slightly overdone, the muffins slightly underdone, and the whole thing drowning in hollandaise, which nonetheless tasted very good. The home-made hash browns looked a bit like a pair of golden Chicken McNuggets, but tasted much better.

The rest of the menu was full of the usual breakfast fare, including eggs, porridge, crepes, french toast, and muesli with "vanilla poached fruit and yoghurt". And, if I make it back, I'll be keen to try the home made baked beans. I love beans.

12/20 "heaps of hollandaise"

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

hey there
we went in to trotters this morning for brekkie today 6/5/06. we were there 15 minutes they had 6 customers and we never recieved a menu, the waitress in her lime green shirt was fluffing around doing sweet f.a. A table of 3 came in she ran to them with menus, offered water and we still sat waiting. We got up and left, she said some smart arse comment. I hope she wasn't being raisest as my partner is an indidjenst person. bad grammer and spelling . sorry about that
cheers Brett

6/5/06 11:30  

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