Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Qantas Flight QF6

Today, somewhere between Frankfurt and Singapore, I tucked into the "hot breakfast" on Qantas Flight QF6. For food that had been stewing in sealed aluminium for 8 hours it wasn't that bad. But let's not kid ourselves, it wasn't good either.

The hot bits consisted of a small wad of greasy, cheesy, egg and spinach frittata, some shrivelled button mushrooms, a mushy tomato, a couple of miniature sausages, and some salty bacon. Yum. Since there was no toast, I decided to make my own sausage and bacon roll from the available ingredients, which also helped to reduce the risk of spillage during turbulence. The fact that I ate it all suggests either that it wasn't that bad, or that I was so bored/hungry I'd eat anything. Somewhere in the middle is probably close to the truth. I even drank the coffee.