Sunday, March 06, 2005

Globe Cafe, Prahran

This morning, after a second failed attempt to get to Spoonful in time for eggs (closed Sundays, it turns out), we wound up at Globe Cafe, 218 Chapel St, Prahran, Tel +61 3 9510 8693.

With huge windows, comfy seats, warm feel and friendly staff, Globe is the kind of place you come back to. They do good eggs, good coffee and excellent toast (corn & capsicum, poppy-seed & capsicum, cheese, or polenta).

Normally, I find names like Italian, Spanish or Laotian eggs silly, but in this case it's part of a "global" theme. The French breakfast (poached eggs, smoked ham, asparagas and hollandaise on cheese toast) was pretty much perfect. My scrambled eggs with bacon and mushrooms were good, although not without flaws. The eggs were a bit dry, the mushies a bit bland and wet, and the plate a bit cluttered. One thing that annoyed me was the pile of leafy greens served up with the eggs. It chewed up valuable real estate on my plate and added nothing. If I want a side salad, I'll ask for it.

For the meat-challenged diner, there are some good options, including the Globe B'fast (poached eggs, tomato, mushies & mayo), the Vego B'fast (fried eggs, vego sausage, tomato & housemade relish), the Globe Mini (one poached egg & grilled tomato on poppy-seed toast with rocket pesto), porridge, toasts and muesli. I also liked the sound of the smoked salmon with poached eggs on cheese toast with horseradish cream.

Serving brekky till 6pm, at reasonable prices (about $16 for eggs & a coffee), it's easy to see why Globe is popular.

Keep your peepers peeled. Last time I was here, I spotted C-List reality TV stars, Matt & Jane (from The Block).

14/20 "leafy greens anyone?"


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