Sunday, March 20, 2005

Electric Brasserie, Notting Hill

My last morning in London, and finally, a decent breakfast. If Portobello mushrooms you crave, look no further than Electric Brasserie, 191 Portobello Road, London, Tel +44 20 7908 9696. But get in early, and beat the crowd.

After several disappointing London brekkies, it was good to finish on a high note. My scrambled eggs were tasty, just-soft, and lightly flecked with pieces of caramelised onion. The sourdough was porous, crunchy and, most importantly, properly toasted. The chunky hash browns with bacon were great, and the table was pre-loaded with HP and Tommy K for the bangers. Very impressive. Best of all, however, were the rosemary-sauteed Portobello mushies, which were dark and delicious. The Eggs Benedict were also good, although the hollandaise could have been thicker.

The Electric menu is pretty well jam-packed with good options, so I won't attempt a complete run down. Here's a taste of what you can expect to find... smoked haddock and black pudding hash with mustard hollandaise, bubble 'n' squeak with poached egg, cinnamon crusted French toast with warm blackberry compote, egg & bacon bap (a roll, I'm told), and crumpets with honey or Nutella (aaaah, Nutella).

But perfection, it seems, is an elusive beast. My cappucino was good, but too strong and not milky enough. Similarly, the Virgin Mary was loaded up with too much pepper and horseradish, made worse by the extra-chunky design of the pepper (more like half pepper-corns than ground pepper). It was a case of drink... chew... burn... grimace... pause... drink... chew... and so on.

These are, however, small niggles. All in all, the Electric does an excellent job, and it's easy to see why the Notting Hill set, and interlopers like me, keep coming back.

16/20 "best mushies"


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yes, London brekkies are hard to come by eggs-wise. i mean, you can get breakfast in a can (beans, mushies, sausage AND omlette!) or a fry up with the worst ingredients possible (the life-blood of the nation - Can't wait to introduce my London fella to some proper Melbourne-style brekkies when he gets here next week).

If you wanted to be super posh you could do brunch at Sally Clarke's on Kensington Church Street. The eggs at Under the Westway (hidden in a building under the Westway, just after Portobello, the skate park and the bus depot) are good, when they're arsed enough to be open.

If it's a half decent coffee yr after go to Monmouth (Monmouth Street, Covent Garden and at Borough Market).

If you're in North London, the poached eggs at the Blue Legume are decent (Stoke Newington Church St). You'll also find the most decent pizza at Il Bacio 80-something Stoke Newington Church st. The Spence bakery on the same street makes some of the best bread in London.

6/10/05 03:07  
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