Saturday, February 12, 2005

Richmond Hill Cafe and Larder, Richmond

After a big night on the turps, we wound up at Richmond Hill Cafe and Larder, 48-50 Bridge Road, Richmond, Tel +61 3 9421 2808, for a late brekky. The food was very good. The service was exceptional. But it wasn't cheap.

It's the original touches that give the RHCL egg menu an edge. My poached eggs were good, but it was the anchovy butter that made them memorable. And why have fried eggs on toast when you could be getting stuck into "Bahgdad eggs... fried in butter, lemon and garlic, sprinkled with cumin and mint on grilled flatbread". I was also impressed with the way they handled our "special" order of scrambled eggs... "no cream, no milk... just butter please". Out they came, perfectly cooked. No tantrums.

On the downside, some of the classics were missing. Free-range eggs, but no benedict. Grilled kippers, but no omelette. Black pudding, but no hash browns. Home-made tomato sauce, but no HP. Still, my smoked bacon had much more flavour than your average rasher, and the spinach was delicious. And judging by the popularity of the "famous grilled cheesy toast", it must be good.

The coffee was OK (a bit weak for my liking), the tea was good (or so I'm told), and the rest of the menu had some interesting options. Order the muesli and choose your milk: buffalo, sheep... bio-dynamic cow. Or play it safe with Bircher muesli and strawberries.

Smooth service and comfy chairs capped off a great breakfast, but you pay for the pleasure. $17.50 might get you breakfast with "the lot", but you'll still have to pony up for a latte.

14/20 "slickest service"


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