Friday, February 18, 2005

Cafe Melba, Auckland

Like any good Melbournian, I judge a city by its back streets and alleys. So I was pretty happy to stumble down Auckland's Vulcan Lane, and even happier to discover Cafe Melba. When my good friend Juz told me he was heading to Auckland on business, I asked him to check it out (again).

Having impressed the locals with his choice of venue, Juz played host to a 7.30 power breakfast including poached eggs with a side of field mushrooms, salmon benedict and a rolled omelette. By all accounts, Melba scrubbed up well...

"The eggs were good, yolks still runny and no hint of vinegar. The five grain toast was hot, unbuttered, thick, crisp and grainy - full points there. The omelette looked tasty, as did the salmon - no complaints from my companions."

"The coffee (Bella) was good, without being exceptional."

"If you're a porridge fan, then Melba is a winner. Last time I visited, they served it with rhubarb (mmm rhubarb), but now they're serving it with stewed plums and brown sugar on the side. It's a generous creamy serving and will keep you satisfied all morning (and potentially all the way into the afternoon if you also order eggs). They served fresh OJ and cranberry juice which was also very good."

On the down side, there was disappointment at the lack of spinach... "a must for mine on any good breakfast menu". I tend to agree, but it's a minor gripe.

"By the time you've had a juice, eggs and a coffee or two, you can expect to pay NZ$15-20."

In a nutshell, Cafe Melba seems to be going strong. Any place that's packed by 8am must be doing something right.


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