Sunday, February 20, 2005

Cafe Brewhaha, St Kilda

Today, flying solo, I scootered down to St Kilda for breakfast. Dodging through the crowd of fire-twirlers, yuppies, try-hards and hookers, I landed at Cafe Brewhaha, 39 Blessington Street, St Kilda, Tel +61 3 9534 3788. If scrambled eggs you crave, look no further... the scambles were superb.

Curiously, the ultra-friendly staff recommended just about everything but the parmesan and onion scrambled eggs with bacon (my choice), so you'd expect the other egg dishes to be at least as good. I did eyeball a plate of "eggs sardou"... poached eggs, spinach and grilled artichoke, on toasted malt ciabata, drizzled with hollandaise. It sounded interesting, but the eggs looked a tad under-poached. When my scrambles arrived, the only disappointment was the side of corn fritters... too much batter, not enough corn. Otherwise, as I said, superb.

Despite a few silly names (poached eggs with olives and fetta are no more "Greek" than an emu omelette is "Aussie"), the rest of the menu had some appealing options, like banana porridge with vanilla syrup, or "famous smokey baked beans" with candied bacon on rye. And Cheap Eats reckons the "breakfast parfait" is close to perfect... layers of Bircher muesli, yoghurt, poached and fresh fruit in a big old sundae glass. Sure sounds good.

As a venue, Brewhaha has a genuine warmth. Take your pick... kitchen chatter and sand-blasted, red-brick walls inside, or rickety tables, sunshine, and St Kilda freak-show outside.

At less than $20 for great eggs and two good coffees (Cisco's I think), this was one of my best value breakfasts of recent times. Well worth a visit.

14/20 "best scrambled"


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Brewhaha is the best breakfast in Melbourne! Great food, excellent and ultra friendly service. You are always made feel special when you dine there!

22/12/05 13:04  

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