Sunday, August 01, 2010

Stephi's on Tremont, Boston

It was something of a hash frenzy, my Boston Summer breakfast spree. Duck hash at Mistral. Potato hash at Henrietta's. And last but not least, meatloaf hash at Stephi's on Tremont. I am, as you may have guessed, a sucker for anything hashed and brown. Especially when the brown component happens to be meatloaf, one of America's great contributions to world cuisine. The verdict? Stephi gives good hash...

meatloaf hash and eggs

Which is not surprising, when you consider that the "Queen of Patio Dining" just happens to be married to the "King of Ambulance Chasing", James Sokolove. With Jim making a motza from slip-and-trip lawsuits, Stephi clearly doesn't need the money. So the restaurant must just be for fun. A community service. Because Massachusetts deserves good meatloaf.

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21/4/11 16:09  
Anonymous The National Benefit Authority said...

Consistently good food and service (and a great location)! I love sitting outside on their patio and getting brunch on a warm spring or fall day.

24/6/11 20:12  
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The dish shown above was just intriguing me to have it. It is looking so delicious and yummy, but I've to wait till I learn to prepare it.

29/12/11 00:11  
Anonymous Dr Burger said...

Nice stuff! Keep up the work on posts like this....enjoyed it.

11/7/12 19:00  
Anonymous margo said...

Hi! Can I know the recipe for this one? :) I bet the taste is great!

29/11/12 02:50  
Anonymous margarette said...

the food presentation is like the one we have when we are in Singapore. We are able to dine in a restaurant (thanks to we are able to find good food. :) Thanks for the share!

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