Monday, June 29, 2009

Golder Pear Cafe, Southampton

Nothing says you are home in the Hamptons more than standing in line at the Golden Pear
Alec Baldwin, F.A.G., budding politician, parenting role model

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Blogger rocky said...

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4/8/09 20:38  
Anonymous sd karte said...

The only cool thing about the Golden Pear is it's corner location. The food here is nothing to rave about but other than the fact that it is in Southampton. I've had better iced tea at your local Devon & Blakely or Cosi... but still... a place coined for "best iced tea" ever, shouldn't really have any raved reviews.

It's just tea with ice for crying out loud! I was expecting gold.

4/12/09 21:06  

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