Friday, January 26, 2007

Culture for Breakfast

It was a difficult choice. Celebrate Australia Day with a breakfast of meat pies and a slab of VB. Or celebrate Australia Day with breakfast at a fancy cafe and an overdose of Ned Kelly paintings. Ned Kelly won. So off we went to the Heide Cafe, at the Museum of Modern Art at Heide, 7 Templestowe Road, Bulleen, +61 3 9852 2346. They don't really do breakfast, but at least you can get egg and bacon panini.


Rather good egg and bacon panini, actually. The egg is cooked omelette style with some chives, slipped inside a panino with smoked bacon and some tomato relish, then grilled. It looked very pretty, served with fresh rocket, and sprinkled with some pink Murray River salt flakes (very nice salt flakes, believe it or not).

As you'd expect from a modernist gallery cafe, the venue is slick and stylish, with lots of white stuff (chairs, tables, etc). But it's not all modern. The cutlery (including bone-handled knives) is pre-loved.

Actually, now is a good time to visit Heide if you fancy a bit of modern Austraaaaalian art. In addition to all the Kellys, there's a nice collection of Tuckers (although not this particular one) on show.

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Blogger Jay said...

Happy Australia Day!
That does look delish, although I'm sort of a sucker for Canadian bacon myself :)

27/1/07 08:42  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


As a food-lover myself, I thought you deserved my vote more than the self-promoting other nominees.

Good luck


27/1/07 20:08  
Blogger Squishy said...

Murray River Salt Flakes are great. I bought some at the 2005 Good Food and Wine show in Melbourne and fell in love.

29/1/07 18:54  
Anonymous Mark Benson said...

The Australia Day is a spectacular day to celebrate whether you've gone there by flights to Australia or are a resident there. It is an auspicious occasion to be at and a part of.

3/4/12 22:45  

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