Sunday, June 28, 2009

Hampton Coffee Co, The Hamptons

You wear clothes, so it's not breakfast. And you're not that hungry yet, so it's not lunch. It's the meal that won't commit.
Mystery Hamptons golfer comments on brunch

So, you're on your way to Shinnecock Hills, it's not quite lunch time, but you need a few extra carbs to power through 18 holes. Brunch is for pussies. What do you do? Easy. Grab yourself an egg and bacon sandwich at the Hampton Coffee Company, 869 Montauk Highway, Water Mill, New York, Tel +1 (631) 726-2633. Crispy bacon. Just the right amount of ooze from the egg. And a brioche bun as soft and fat as your worst bunker shot. Washed down with a freshly roasted house brew, it's the perfect pre-game pick-me-up.

hamptons egg and bacon

Unfortunately I was on my way home from Poxabogue, rather than on my way to Shinnecock Hills, but the same principles apply. Sort of.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is like some weird personal torture..why oh why do I put myself through coming back again and again to this site...only to see no new posts.........must have done something bad in a past life.....still it was so good while it was going..... I guess I will keep on trying...just a few more times.

2/8/09 22:41  
Anonymous sd karte said...

I am sooooo happy that Hampton Coffee Co. is right down the road!!! I love this place. It's so charming, it's local (aka not the company that is taking over the coffee world), and serves perfect coffee. The coffee is strong and always fresh. Be prepared to find it packed on weekends.

4/12/09 21:09  
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