Saturday, April 14, 2007

15 People Deny Nicole Richie Her Breakfast

Every wondered why Nicole Richie is so skinny? Well wonder no more. She has finally spilled the beans to OK Magazine...

I hadn’t eaten breakfast yet and I asked for a bowl of cereal, but when you’re on a big set it has to go through 15 people to even get to me.

That's right. There are 15 people standing between Nicole and her breakfast, and they are so slow at cereal preparation she's having dizzy spells. Who's a girl gotta shag to get a bowl of Corn Flakes around here?

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Blogger Unknown said...

What's the big deal about breakfast? I almost NEVER eat breakfast! (I don't mean to freak you out; I'm just an obnoxious kid commenting random people on Blogger.)

14/4/07 22:17  
Blogger Unknown said...

no Slympathy here. 15 people. Shoot me know. Then Ms Richie...

15/4/07 09:07  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is a hilarious idea for a blog. Talk about specialization! I specialize too, but in a "things you don't talk about at the breakfast table" kind of way. ;-) Congrats on the blog of note thing...

15/4/07 18:56  
Blogger ezmayerin said...

In response to Elizabeth, when one is as skinny as Nicole Ricci...breakfast is important. That little bit of cereal could put back a few grams onto her skeleton.

15/4/07 19:38  
Blogger therapy said...

I love the blog.
Even though I'm across the world, it'll be my travel breakfast guide.
More eggs to you.

15/4/07 20:09  
Blogger American Wise Guy said...

No one's keeping her from eating her bowl of cereal before she goes to work... and a bowl a cereal a day really isn't the difference between sickly skinny and healthy. God forbid she like the rest of us are not allowed to take a mid-morning meal break at work :)

15/4/07 23:24  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well done. I like your blog. Speak soon. A.

16/4/07 00:49  
Blogger Athnar said...

Somehow, I can't bring myself to feel too sorry for her, though missing breakfast is a terrible thing indeed.

16/4/07 01:09  
Blogger Eva Burton-Wood said...

Maybe Ms Richie pays 15 people to eat her Frosties for her, thus helping her to continue to look like as though she is about to slip down a grid?

16/4/07 01:58  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

hahaha. sweet.

16/4/07 03:38  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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16/4/07 14:57  
Blogger Verge Das Neves said...

Thats hilarious. Nicole Ritchie is a moron.

I love breakfast though. Best meal of the day

16/4/07 18:39  
Blogger Lintang said...

Can't missing breakfast!
It's very important.

I love your blog. ^^
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if you don't mind...
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16/4/07 20:53  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Word: Hey,Nicole...some people actually prepare their OWN breakfast instead of relying on others to do so. And by the way...skinny isn't sexy. Healthy, on the other hand, is.

16/4/07 22:36  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Why are people commenting to Nicole on here as if this is her blog or she would take time to read it???

16/4/07 22:56  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Just seeing all the pictures makes me hungry already... Can't wait until the morning come to have this kind of breakfast :)

16/4/07 23:59  
Blogger Freelancer said...

I enjoy a fresh cup of coffee, apple juice, pancakes and bacon for breakfast (when I have time to make it). However it's usually a leftover slice of pizza from dinner or 2 day old chinese takeout. But hey, at least I'm eating breakfast...unlike Nicole Richie.

17/4/07 03:37  
Blogger heyyyjess said...

lol, i read that article too while i was getting my nails done. i mean, poor nicole. her cereal has to go through fifteen people!!!! Noooo...

17/4/07 10:51  
Blogger Anna R said...

Can't she just pack a breakfast bar in her purse or is her dog in her purse or is that the Paris Hilton gurl I'm thinking of?

17/4/07 12:32  
Blogger Marty said...

I'm here in Chicago USA; just taped & edited a video piece on a good restaurant close to my neighborhood. Lots of folks raving about their breakfast burrito on camera...

"The Hot Spot Restaurant"

17/4/07 13:54  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Nice blog. What a great topic! I won't spam you though. Congrats on your 15 minutes!

17/4/07 14:45  
Blogger Parisbreakfasts said...

Congrats on becoming a blog of note! Breakfast is always in, no matter where you take it IMO.
But yours look especially enticing!

17/4/07 18:26  
Blogger shannonjyl said...

great fun!

18/4/07 01:59  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This comment has been removed by the author.

18/4/07 03:17  
Blogger Desperate_HouseWife said...

Maybe she needs to just lump it and go to the Waffle House. LOL

I love your blog it's putting a smile on my face which I so desperately need tonight. :O(*

20/4/07 11:22  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Though why can't she get up and get it her self, what's so hard about that. Just another publicity to make people think she normal, and that they aren't feeding her, with that wad of money she can get those quickie breakfast snacks. Another cover up for not eating.

20/4/07 16:38  
Blogger Restless Libra said...

I think Nicole is old enough to get her own bowl of cereal by now, and why is she making people get her cereal while working shouldn't she have eaten before coming to work? Celebrities.

21/4/07 11:33  
Blogger LaDawn said...

I am obssessed with breakfast. I am an American living in the UK and on a constant quest for the best eggs benedict. I have yet to find one that I would recommend or even eat twice. Unfortunately, Melbourne seems an awful long way to travel since it might be easier for me just to head to NYC where i know they have mastered the dish. Could you please come to London and find me the perfect eggs benedict?

PS Congratulations on BoN!

22/4/07 17:26  
Blogger osso di seppia said...

hello I am italyan and I have been cruising on carnival cruise line last month and was for me difficult to understand how is possible to eat so much food in the morning after a few days I start to eat something and after 10 days I appreciate pan cakes with maple sirup I get a few pounds but was a nice food axeperience.
Bye by Franco

23/4/07 02:50  
Blogger therapy said...

why have you stopped eating breakfast?

23/4/07 15:31  
Blogger Deborah Dowd said...

Congratulations on BoN! As for Nicole, I worry that young girls look at her and assume that since she is famous that is a body image they should strive for. There has got to be some balance between fast food nation and Nicole!

24/4/07 10:24  
Blogger Adski said...

hey... did I see you at Mart 130 on Saturday morning?

24/4/07 22:43  
Blogger Unknown said...

She should have treated her body more than just a fame.

25/4/07 08:17  
Blogger blushing apples said...

i love your blog, very witty ;)

25/4/07 13:59  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

in reponse to Elizabeth, who kicked off the comments.

Where are you from?

How old are you?

If you're from Melbourne and are old enough to drink then Breakfast not onlu becomes a key meal, a potential life saver but also an important cultural lode stone.

Two poached on Sourdough with crisp bacon and a sizzling snag.
Served along side
Bloody may Orange and a long black.

If you are a little tacker, then remember my words, they may just save your life....or settle a hang over at the very least.

as for Richie...she can bugger off, the clown.

28/4/07 01:17  
Blogger Girlie said...

Well, why can't she bring her own cereal.On the way to work, she must pass by store which sells it, or bring it from home with a ziploc bag. I am sure it will fit in that big bag of hers. If it won't, maybe she can just eat it while driving. Duh !

1/5/07 15:39  
Blogger Appletini said...

OK, missing breakfast is not the reson why Nicole is sickly skinny. She's in denial and making up excuses for her anorexia ! Have you seen her lately? It's like she just came out of a concetration camp!...Great blog by the way :)

2/5/07 11:48  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

What has Nicole Ritchie ever achieved in her own right? To tell the truth, I hate breakfasts, and especially people who carry on about food. It's a waste of space. I can't stand people who are overbearingly bright in the morning. This website is a complete waste of time. I don't mind people who have the occasional nice well-deserved dinner out. But people who carry on about breakfasts are grating and a waste of time. Your writing shows some improvements but get a real occupation. Give up. You're not impressing anyone influential.

2/5/07 22:33  
Blogger Crystal said...

If this blog is such a waste of space, why did you bother to waste your time and leave a comment? I don't think the point of this blog was to impress anyone influential. The man enjoys breakfast. You don't. Big deal.

3/5/07 09:44  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Where have you gone - aren't you eating breakfast anymore? This was a weekend ritual for me - I eat vicariously through you...COME BACK!!

4/5/07 18:04  
Blogger Gurpreet Singh said...

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nick name Preet!
new to blog
Found Your Blog Interesting and this entry is really good

4/5/07 20:43  
Blogger Unknown said...

ignore the clown who hates breakfast and dinner and food and food writing and took time out of thereir hectic schedule of not eating to lambast you for eating and then writing about it.

Some people do not have all wheels in contavct with the road at all times.

I like your blog, I would like you to go to more places in dear old Melbourne and scoff lots and take snaps of snags

11/5/07 01:28  
Blogger Monster Librarian said...

I love your blog-I used to work in a kitchen at a farm out East (Massachusetts), and now every weekend I force my roomate to go to a different breakfast place with me in search of good breakfasts.
I loved this blog about Nicole Richie-I shared it with so many people! It made for a great laugh!
Thanks for sharing your humor!

11/5/07 04:46  
Blogger Popsicle Toes said...

I really love your blog. It proves that breakfast is a lot more than just cereal or pancakes or whatever; it's a state of mind.

11/5/07 06:42  
Blogger Squishy said...

So funny! Love it!

13/5/07 13:47  

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