Thursday, March 01, 2007

Unknown Bald Fat Man Blogs About Breakfast

I was thinking of dressing up as a lady, but in the end I had to make do with a fat suit and a strategically placed Mart 130 menu. Actually, that's not a fat suit. I really am that fat. Eating eggs benedict for two years will do that to you. Anyway, the idea with this very ugly photo was to make sure that I remain a nobody, so that sneaky cafe owners don't start giving me special treatment and free food, and I'm not embroiled in an eggs-for-comment scandal. For those who missed it, Tuesday's Herald-Sun had a food-blogger article and launched Ed's new column. For those who read it, no, I don't have syphilis. I am alive and well. Just a bit fat.

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Blogger Brooke - Little Miss Moi said...

dear Jamie. Nice write up. You're an interstate man of mystery. International, if you include Ukraine (not writing... audience).

2/3/07 07:34  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Love your work.

2/3/07 08:42  
Blogger neil said...

That's interesting, when I touched Ed's link a little pop-up offered sex scenes, Playboy and hot bods, whay key word do you think that came from? Glad you're well and all.

2/3/07 13:46  
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