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Filter Cafe, Fitzroy

I want to go to culinary school because I love cooking. One day I'd love to open up a restaurant or cafe.
Mary-Kate Olsen (ex-child star, famous twin and fashion icon)

If the Olsen twins ever come looking for cafe inspiration in Australia, they really must do breakfast at Filter, 285 Brunswick St, Fitzroy, Tel +61 3 9416 3752. It's an excellent cafe. It's run by twins. And Mary-Kate's bobo homeless chic look is just perfect for Brunswick Street.

filter eggs

The best thing about Filter is that the substance lives up to the style. I went for the signature dish of "Filter Eggs" and it came out looking quite the supermodel. Two eggs fried in a big slice of white sourdough (with two round holes in it), topped with crisp, tasty bacon, rocket and aioli. All of which was surrounded by a ring of pesto, with "filter" scrawled across the plate in balsamic reduction. Very fancy. And it tasted even better. A tad greasy, but very very good.

The all day breakfast menu oozes choice: 2 different mueslis with poached fruit and yoghurt; "Raw Hide" porridge with maple syrup; fruit poached in red wine with yoghurt; 3 stack of pancakes; various toasts, including gluten free; 3 different omelettes (including smoked salmon, dill and brie); a "Brunswick Brekkie" with the lot; Eggs Benedict, Florentine or Atlantic; "Classic Eggs" poached on muffins with asparagas wrapped in prosciutto and topped with hollandaise; and scrambled tofu for the vegan crowd (which looked disgusting, if you ask me, but I'm no vegan, so what would I know).

Service is friendly and good, the Di Bella coffee is very good, and the venue is spacious and tastefully fitted out.

Yes... with cafes like Filter, it's hard to disagree with the wise words of Mary-Kate:

Australia is so cool that it's hard to even know where to start describing it. The beaches are beautiful; so is the weather. Not too crowded. Great food, great music, really nice people. It must be a lot like Los Angeles was many years ago.

17/20 "eggs bobo"


Eggs & Bacon $9.00 BB100 -10%

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey dude,

I just want to say that Mary-Kate and Ashley are two of my favorite twins, and I really dig their musical talent, which is often overlooked.

Check out this video...

15/1/07 11:33  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

A newbie for you to try, perhaps - APTE at 538 Heidelberg Rd, Alphington. The BLT was very splendid last weekend.

15/1/07 13:26  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Filter is great, we eat there often, their coffes are fantastic. Speaking of nice brekkies you must try Enni at 915 high st. Thornbury. A little gem with fantastic brekkies.(home made baked beans to die for!)

17/1/07 16:41  
Blogger Helga Koch said...

First, a spot of sycohpancy. I admire your lexical decotion to my favourite meal. Never stop breaking your fast and writing abotu it. Second, props for finally employing the Olsen Twins in a context they so richly deserve. Each lady has been much maligned when, clearly, they have a great deal to say about the broader culture and breakfast. Or, at least, the throwing up thereof.

18/1/07 22:31  
Blogger Squishy said...

One of my favourite meals is breakfast. I really like your blog.

19/1/07 00:56  
Blogger Jamie Wodetzki said...

Thanks Helen and Squishy. Nice to get fan-mail. Almost as exciting as the hate-mail I got over my original Babka review ;-)

22/1/07 14:33  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Its about time the standard of food, coffee and service matched the Fitzroy reputation. Filter is showing the way. After several visits it just gets better and better. I won't go anywhere else.

23/1/07 13:53  
Blogger Brooke - Little Miss Moi said...

Oh gee. That made me laugh. Mary-Kate could feed the masses on what she doesn't eat.

Love the blog, just jealous all the food you talk about is mostly in Melbourne. Or Australia for that matter.

23/1/07 20:53  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

But they are always so slow! They even put a disclaimer on their menu about slow service at weekends. That may be OK for an fine dining place but a cafe on Brunswick Street? 45 minutes wait for breakfast is too long and we can't go back.

14/8/07 20:24  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Overrated. Went in with a small group. Before final coffees had arrived 2nd waitress (not the one that had been serving us) suggested that we hurry up because they needed the table.

Food not bad, but can get equally as good from places that don't hurry you out the door.

12/10/07 09:26  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I love Filter, such a big menu, I've been there about 5 times and have tried something new every time. The staff are friendly, the food delish is and reasonsably priced.. Can't go past the all day breakfast!

8/12/07 21:11  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I waited half an hour for my breakfast on a Sunday morning. In a place that seats over 100 it was understandable. For the first time ever, I found a breakfast on Brunswick St to be better than just ordinary. In fact it was wonderful and well worth the wait. Quality in Fitzroy is impossible to find outside the walls of Filter and after all...on a Sunday morning...whats the rush?

19/12/07 20:48  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have eaten at Filter many times for both breakfast and lunch and can't get enough! I eat out many times a week and only make repeat visits to special places - this is one of them.
As far as waiting half an hour for a meal... Who in their right mind expects a meal from a restaurant in less time when they have every seat full?!! My advice is to sit back and enjoy the beautiful surroundings and atmosphere.

26/12/07 13:56  
Blogger David Neubert said...

We are traveling around Australia and went to Filter Cafe specifically because of your blog. We walked from the Central Business District and were a bit surprised by how far it was. (though the rain might have help expand our experience of distance). Anyway, it was well worth the travel. Loved it. The staff was great, nice even to a couple of grumpy New Yorkers. The food, fantastic and artistic.

Thanks a bunch for the recommendation. We'll have to use your blog on our way to Adelaide tomorrow.

31/1/08 23:59  
Blogger Catbrain said...

Filter - great food, but the atmosphere is a bit beige: high ceilings and bare floors make it a bit of an echo chamber; also don't like their tacky little sign on the post advising that the toilet is for patrons only. Anyone who's desperate - one way or the other - probably won't even see it if they're walking straight to the loo. Those two things give it an air of cafeteria.
However, food is v.good.

25/2/08 13:26  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Just returned from overseas and my first stop was Filter for breakfast. Thank goodness they still do the 'Filter Eggs'. Its amazing!! My partner had the crispy duck omelette. The presentation and flavour was exceptional. I cannot understand why one would go anywhere else. If you haven't yourself a favour. PS Incredible coffee!!

5/3/08 12:03  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

... they do have great brekkies, and the twins make good coffee and are look good too!

6/5/08 21:44  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I love your reviews! Have you tried Mitte in North Fitzroy / Clifton Hill yet? Let us know what you think...

17/2/09 17:48  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

just thought everyone should know that filter has actually closed down! we went there this morning after reading the review and found a for lease sign on it - so don't bother checking this one out.

15/3/09 17:54  
Blogger Dustyjo said...

so disappointed this place has closed, it was my fave place to take the family for breaky .. lets hope they reappear somewhere soon.

18/7/09 10:10  

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