Sunday, January 21, 2007

Breakfast Blog BB100 Eggs & Bacon Price Index

Forget the FTSE. Ditch the Dow Jones Industrial Average. Say no to the Nikkei. Stock prices are, like, sooo 1987. There's a new index in town and it tracks the price of bacon and eggs. Actually, bacon, eggs and toast, if we're being picky.

The Breakfast Blog 100 index (BB100) is my new way of tracking changes to the price of a nice cooked breakfast, and also provides a benchmark against which to measure whether any particular venue is relatively expensive or cheap.

2006 is the benchmark year, and it turns out that the average price of eggs and bacon on toast was almost bang on ten bucks... $10.01 to be precise. This is based on my analysis of prices across about 70 venues, mostly in Melbourne, but also in Sydney.

From now on, every venue reviewed will be measured against the BB100 benchmark price for the previous year, so that you can see how much more/less they charge than the current average. So, for 2007, I will be recording variations above and below the 2006 average of $10.01.

This way, we all get to see where to go for a bargain, and where you'll be paying top dollar.

Looking back at 2006, two venues tied for most expensive plate of eggs and bacon on toast:
  • Three One Two (Melbourne) $16
  • Bills (Sydney) $16
Using the BB100, these venues are rated for price like this:

Eggs & Bacon $16.00 BB100 +60%

Whereas a bargain serve of eggs and bacon, like, say, Pronto, is rated for price like this:

Eggs & Bacon $7.00 BB100 -30%

In summary:
  • What's the price of eggs & bacon on toast?
  • Red means it costs more than the BB100 average
  • Green means it costs less than the BB100 average
  • By what percentage is it above/below the BB100 average?
So, you may not know the price of fish in China. But at least you'll know the price of eggs in Australia.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

The BB100 .. I love it! Great idea. I'll be tracking it in 2007.

24/1/07 18:37  
Blogger Squishy said...

Awesome concept. Love it. Brekky in Brisvegas, Fatboys in the Valley, $4, 2 eggs, bacon, sausage, fried tomato and toast. So BB100 -60%

24/1/07 23:56  
Blogger RyanOnCoffee said...

The BB100 is easily the best thing on the internet.

21/12/08 20:30  
Blogger Unknown said...

Healthy Breakfast.

sgx nifty

14/8/15 04:21  

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