Sunday, January 21, 2007

80 Spaces, Prahran

If we had some eggs we could have eggs and ham, if we had some ham.

This is probably a statement of the bleeding obvious, but, if I ran a cafe that opened for breakfast and lunch, I would serve eggs. Unfortunately, this is not a view shared by the proprietors of 80 Spaces, 108 Chapel Street, Prahran, Tel +61 3 9510 8288. They serve very nice coffee, and all sorts of pide, but no eggs. So I had to make do with beans.


The beans were fine, but it wasn't anything special. Just some home made beans with a tomato based sauce (with a few strands of onion mixed through), scooped onto a bit of toasted pide, with another bit plopped on top. That's it. Beans. Toast. And some individually packaged portions of Devondale butter.

I think the rest of the menu consisted of a B.L.T. (pide, of course); toasted pide with jam or whatever; and maybe some muesli. So much choice your head will spin.

So, if you don't like eggs and you fancy some pide, head on down to 80 Spaces.

[no eggs, no score]

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Blogger Kiki said...

What the hell is with no eggs? Who gets away with that? Very disappointing indeed, they're lucky they serve good coffee then.

22/1/07 22:50  
Blogger Squishy said...

What a let down. Poached eggs are yummy. Bummer.

25/1/07 00:00  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I love the breakfast blog. Very funny.
If you fancy a comparison with bacon and egg prices in London cafs - just ask.
My seven year old son and I keep a blog, we are not as good at it as you are - we're just novices.
As part of our GreatBigVegChallenge blog we are learning how to cook all the vegetables in the aphabet. Reading about we had great success making our own baked beans - which might appeal to your breakfast addicts.
Here is the link and recipes in there. see you can beat bean inflation by making your own.

26/1/07 01:30  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am sorry. If you were a true melbourneite, you would be having breakfast at around 11am and most certainly tucking into the most sensational lamb roti wrap I have ever had. 80 Spaces is not your traditional fry-up establishment...thank god! One of the best coffees in town too and to be honest, that is the first thing I need for breakfast.

23/6/07 00:40  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I agree. 80 Spaces is a cool little cafe that isn't trying to compete with the cafe-with-kitchen establishments that line up along Chapel Street. Great coffee and the staff are always, always friendly. It's not all about the eggs my friend. It's just not.

12/7/07 18:44  
Blogger momo said...

wow.. this is a lot of fun reading. :) I am a breakfast addict :) Now though I have incorporated this drink/superfood #1 by Dr. Perricon and Oprah.
It is called MonaVie! I seriously wake up now running to the fridge mmmmmm it is so flipping good! I take one or sometimes 2 ounces and I am getting 19fruits with 1000 more antioxidants than any other fruit/veg known! :)

18/5/08 05:41  
Blogger Jamie Wodetzki said...

please don't be sorry kyrenia. you should be proud that you can educate fakes like me about what true "melbourneites" want. i am sure you will be flooded with praise for sharing the insight that true "melbourneites" love to tuck into a lamb roti wrap at 11am. i had no idea...

19/5/08 09:09  
Blogger Jamie Wodetzki said...

hello bob rock. just quietly, between you and me, this blog is all about the eggs. it says so right there at the top. always has. you must have this blog confused with about 50 bazillion other blogs that are not about eggs.

19/5/08 09:14  
Blogger bakewell said...

You guys are lucky to get anything at 80 spaces. I live around the corner and every 6 months or so I decide to give it another go, ( just to see if I can find an alternative to the behemoth that is Cafe Orange). Every single time I go in I am not acknowleged and have yet to determine whether it is counter or table service. Can someone enlighten me, though I don't think the answer now will sway me to return. There is 'cool' and then there is just plain rude.

28/9/08 18:16  
Anonymous Dave said...

i like the guys at 80 Spaces, always nice to me. AND THAT LAMB WRAP! oh. my. I had to ban myself from having more than one/week at one stage.

9/6/09 20:52  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

80 spaces does have the best coffee on chapel!
The food is simple, quick and no fuss, as well as YUMMY. If its all about table service, go to the press club! not a cafe! one of my fave stop in venues

20/3/10 21:02  
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