Sunday, December 17, 2006

Otis, Albert Park

On a nice day, you could do worse than to grab an outside table at Otis, 123-125 Bridport St, Albert Park. You can bring the dog. The service is very good. And it's not all cramped and crowded like the rest of Bridport Street.

I had a very pretty serve of corn fritters with tomato salsa and avocado, to which I added a side of crispy bacon. The flavours were great, but the fritter was quite heavy and greasy.

Her Fussiness had poached eggs with salmon and spinach and was happy enough but for one rather solid egg and some unbuttered toast. The house-cured salmon was very good. Much fresher and firmer than average.

Otis also serves gluten free muesli, and a rather strange-sounding "brunch plate" with scrambled eggs, bacon, salmon, toasts, cheese, fruit, dips and herb salad.

16/20 "house cured salmon"


Eggs & Bacon $11.50 BB100 +15%

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Blogger Milly said...

Went to Otis after seeing your comments it was fabulous. Outstanding coffee, eggs, bacon & beans were great and room to move with the dogs! I'd give it better than a 16/20!

2/6/07 14:45  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Not only perfect eggs but also great sides and the best banana french toast in town.

22/7/07 17:29  
Blogger Andrew McGowan said...

Fritters and eggs still good. Eggs were very nicely poached, yolks runny and white a little ragged. The fritters - feta, corn, pea and mint, with gravlax and a horseradish cream - compare favourably to Gattica, imho. Genovese coffee decent.

17/10/09 13:14  
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