Friday, November 24, 2006

Superfino, Melbourne

If small is the new big, then Superfino is quite large. By which I mean it's quite small... and cosy... and ever so groovy. It's a strong contender for the "Quirkiest CD Collection" award. Unless they ripped this stuff off vinyl and went straight to the iPod? Maybe I need a "Quirkiest Playlist" award instead? CDs are soooo last year.

You will find this place on Flinders Lane, between Swanston and Elizabeth, right next door to the lane with the beam-me-up-scotty "sculpture".

They do a very nice line of toast, including Dench Bakers sourdough or multigrain. You can have spreads on your toast, or maybe avocado/salmon and fresh lime. They also do a tasty serve of beans on toast with goats' cheese (nice soft beans in various shapes and sizes). And the Genovese coffee is great.


I will, however, have to reserve judgment on the eggs. The menu lists two versions of free range scrambled egg ciabatta: one with asparagus, parsley, parmesan and spinach; the other with smoked salmon, goat's cheese, lemon and spinach. But both were "unavailable" for some mysterious reason (none given).

[score pending due to unavailability of eggs]


Anonymous Ellie said...

Will have to check this place out next time I need brekky in the city - I usually just go down Degraves but the overcooked cheese & mushroom omlette is getting old...

27/11/06 00:38  
Blogger BANDIT said...

well i tried superfino out and enjoyed the food but thought the service was really average. Surly owners who only value the suits. dissapointing.

18/9/07 13:21  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

im surprised that you had average service there, the owner (maurice) has a knack for making everyone feel like an old friend. today he lent me his copy of the cook's companion today because he noticed i was looking through it over lunch for a turkey recipe.

and in any case superfinos rarely has suits, the clientele is mostly designers and shoppers.

30/11/07 14:57  

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